Do not Neglect “Righteous Thoughts” While Suing Jiang

Jia Jin, a Shandong Dafa disciple

PureInsight | October 4, 2015

[] I should have posted the lawsuit on June 15, but because I first discussed it with a fellow practitioner, I was blocked by my poor Xinxing. This practitioner told me not to kick up a fuss by following others. Of course, we are practitioners and I should have looked within, but I found I still had fear. At the same time, I hoped the practitioner would find some excuse why I should not sue Jiang which suited my thinking. This by itself was manifestation that I was not firm in my thoughts. Let’s think about it, in the process of suing Jiang if we all try to find excuses not to complain, then everyone would have a pile of excuses. But I neglected righteous thoughts when looking at the problem and what filled the thoughts were negative factors. When I shared with another fellow practitioner, he resolutely decided to sue Jiang without hesitation as though he should have thought of it himself. Three days later he received receipts from the Supreme Court and the Supreme Procuratorate.

From this when reflecting upon the experience of three times suing Jiang, first and foremost was a lack of righteous thoughts. The first time it was delayed for more than half a month because of the interference of fear. When I posted it on July 2, I came across the so-called “safety check” which was not something accidental. Fellow practitioner read carefully through the complaint and found two typos. Don’t neglect the small mistakes, the evil will take advantage and make you fail.

The second time it was again a lack of righteous thoughts. I sent the complaint from EMS on July 15. But it was again lost without a message, although in the process, I asked local staff and called EMS service people in Beijing. They all shifted responsibility and were evasive. What on earth was the reason? When the courier came to my door to collect the mail, I took the opportunity to clarify truth to him but forgot to sign the complaint, how big was the loophole! The evil had seen it even before I posted the mail. My half-heartedness in doing things was exposed thoroughly by interference. Before I posted the mail, I told myself to be more careful, don’t be casual, but it still got to this. I was taken advantage of.

Lurking beneath this casual heart was a desire to catch up with the Fa rectification process, to receive the “posted successfully” message. So strong, the human heart is for doing things. In the process, I even thought of begging Master to help me. Can I not myself do well? Why did I not do well from the beginning? Does Master have to help for everything? Would that be cultivation? This in itself was the human heart doing things and muddling through one’s work.

I dug deeply into my attachments during the process of suing Jiang. Suddenly, “When disciples have ample righteous thoughts Master has the power to turn back the tide” (The Master-Disciple Bond, Hongyin Vol. II) stuck in my head. Yes, I had righteous thoughts during the process of suing Jiang, but it wasn’t ample, not enough to eliminate the evil factors in other dimensions and rock the interference of the old forces. By the time I decided to sue Jiang for the third time, the old forces spared no effort to interfere, the false appearance of sickness karma came, and even the typing on that day went wrong hundreds of times, the interference never stopped. The old forces exploits hearts that lack cultivation and use ordinary people to interfere by making us too busy to study the Fa, or being entangled in this or that thing, or indecisively thinking about this or that in suing Jiang.

Master said, “When someone wants to cultivate a true teaching he has to eliminate his karma. Eliminating karma means eradicating it and transforming it. Now of course the karma won’t go for it, so people have tribulations and they have obstacles.” (Zhuan Falun).

But we are cultivators and problems are nothing if we have strong righteous thoughts, it was just superficial phenomenon. If you don’t allow me to go downstairs, then I will go downstairs; if you don’t allow me to produce truth materials, it is exactly what I am doing now; if you don’t allow me to send forth righteous thoughts, I would send more. Things interfere with me suing Jiang, and then I’ll send righteous thoughts while suing Jiang.

When the interference was eliminated, my righteous thoughts came back.

During the third time I stuck to one thought: Dafa disciples just need to do well with what they should do. Following the course of complaining online taught by fellow practitioners, I successfully finished online complaints and received the reporting password. When I inquired again: “your reported clues were accepted” a real experience of strong righteous thoughts.

Everyone has his or her own cultivation way, what you choose is up to you. At the critical moment in history, hope you and your family members can make the right choice.

Please point out any improper part and kindly correct the above understanding.


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