A Dafa disciple from Mainland China

PureInsight | August 30, 2015

[] The people who grow up under the CCP’s culture are no longer able to understand the true meaning of the word “sacred.” In its many years of rule, the evil CCP has been continuously destroying positive, good and beautiful things, while correspondingly producing evil and ugly things. It spreads propaganda, breeds contempt, and forces people to abandon the pursuit of good feelings, such as those one has towards the noble, elegant, sacred, or revered. It tramples under its foot traditional Chinese culture’s values of reverence toward heaven and earth, gods, ancestors, benevolence, righteous faith, and the divine. Instead, everything has been materialized under the control of the evil party, and all things - no matter spiritual or material, are only used for the evil party’s benefit. What do they use them for? To create material from which the evil party sustain itself during its final days. We see that sacred temples and palaces have been destroyed under the CCP’s command, after which new ones were built up to make money. Are the Chinese people still able to take anything as sacred? No, they cannot. No wonder people say that Chinese people nowadays only value money. Frankly, by containing only material and no spirit, the Chinese people have essentially become walking corpses.

Then for Dafa disciples living in this environment under the influence of the evil party’s culture, they cannot evoke from the bottom of their heart the type of great gratitude, reverence, and sacredness that a sentient being should have toward the great law of the universe. Instead, they evaluate things using modern, deviated concepts, resulting in them unconsciously damaging the Fa.

We know that in our practice, we should assimilate to this Fa which guides our practice. However, some practitioners, including me, use ordinary people’s cunning wisdom and regard Dafa as a piece of technical guidance to do things, or as something akin to an ordinary people’s instruction manual. They do not take the initiative to assimilate to the majestic Fa of the universe; instead, they use the Fa as a way to learn how to become a Buddha, or how to become a high level life. They treat cultivation as the study of ordinary people’s knowledge, equating the Fa to an ordinary people’s textbook or guide book. They put their requirements above Dafa, and they are self-centered and selfish. They make their own convenience the priority. For instance, arbitrarily cutting “Zhuan Falun” into individual talks and printing them out to read, or dividing teacher’s Fa lectures into separate segments to listen to for their own convenience. In the past, for my own convenience in reciting the Fa, I had even changed the Word format of “Zhuan Falun” into TXT form and put it on my MP3. Once I recited a paragraph, I would then delete that paragraph. I also changed the format of Master’s “Hong Yin” and “Hong Yin II” into a TXT form, and put them on my cell phone. I did not realize that this was a serious act of damaging the Fa. Some practitioners whose celestial eyes are open have seen that the Gods in heaven kneel down while listening to Master’s Fa. When reading the Dafa books, they sit in double lotus and they hold the book with two hands. Although we cannot see other dimensions, in our hearts we should know that this is a Heavenly law that is great dignified and sacred. To alter just a bit of it is blasphemous and an enormous sin. Master is compassionate, but the old forces will take advantage of this loophole and bring losses to the Fa-rectification.

Having written to this point, I suddenly recall that many practitioners, including myself, download Master’s Fa from the “Minghui” website to our computers. Since it is easy to get the file of Fa, we just click on the mouse and save it. It is thus easy to not cherish it and become frivolous - frivolously downloading the file to our computers, MP3 or cell phones. If it later becomes inconvenient, we then delete it with a touch of our fingers. If we want it again, we then re-download it. It is my understanding that when we download Master’s Fa, we should have a respectful heart. After downloading, we should carefully preserve and protect the file. In the process of reading the Fa, we should keep the content complete and the same as the original. If we need to delete it for some reason, we should explain the reason to Master with due earnestness and request that Master’s Fa Shen leave first before deleting. We cannot do things casually and randomly. Please do not feel that we obtained it so easily and hence not cherish it.

Also, I used to read Dafa books on the computer line by line. In order to see the words clearly and not lose track of which sentence I was on, I used the mouse to highlight the sentences I had read. That is akin to reading while pointing at the words with one’s finger; does it this way, I wouldn’t lose track of which line I was one. Later, I recognized that what I did was a manifestation of disrespecting Master and the Fa. It is easy to mix up Master’s original sentences by drag-and-drop (copying and moving) function of the mouse.

In “Zhuan Falun” Master tells us, “A genuine cultivation way is always passed down from a prehistoric time. It has been preserved from quite a remote age and has successfully cultivated numerous great enlightened people. No one dares to change a bit of it. Such a thing can only take place in this Dharma-ending Period of ours. These things have never occurred throughout history. Everyone must be very careful with this issue.” When I read this Fa in the past, I only thought it referred to those unconventional people who concocted sham practices; I did not think about myself. In fact, if all Dafa disciples can realize the sacredness, compassion, and dignity of Master and the Fa from the bottom of our heart, while cultivating away the casualness indifference, arrogance, and selfishness from the evil party’s culture, we will definitely be able to respect Master and the Fa.

Please correct me if there is any inappropriate. Thank you!

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