I Will Follow Master’s Fa

Zi Di

PureInsight | September 19, 2015

[PureInsight.org] Ever since the campaign to sue Jiang started, I have learnt quite a lot, my understanding on the Fa has also made some breakthroughs. I’d like to share with everyone my experiences here.

There is only one thought: I will always follow Master’s Fa

This is one of the most significant lessons I have learnt ever since the start of the campaign to sue Jiang. One afternoon in the middle of June, my family began to prepare for the documents to sue Jiang. Later that day, we went to the post office to send out the documents.

I was asked to stand outside to send forth righteous thoughts to help the process. I then stood under a big tree and began to send out righteous thoughts. My mind was clear and empty, and gradually, I felt as if the surroundings were especially clean and quiet. I opened my eyes and observed all the traffic moving along. I felt almost like I was not connected to this world. Suddenly, I felt my head was surrounded by a wreath of green leaves, even though I couldn’t touch such the wreath, I could strongly feel it. I immediately understood Master had bestowed me a laureate to give me honor. When Dafa disciples are validating the Fa, various sentient beings in all the realms will be saved. Right at that moment, I came to realize one simple principle: “Cultivation is just so simple, one only needs to remember one thing, and that is, one just needs to follow Master’s Fa.” Two days later, we received a notice from the Supreme Court indicating the receipt of our documents to sue Jiang.

Ever since then, I began to feel a very apparent physical and mental cleansing and improvement, especially, all those human notions and fears that had developed during the persecution, and the mentality to seek comforts were all gone in the process of suing Jiang. My mind was corrected. Whenever Master asks us to do something, when a disciple immediately follows with no hesitation and doubts, the result has already been achieved. What a simple rule to follow in cultivation!

Miraculously enough, whenever I apply this simple principle in my daily tribulations, my Xinxing is improved.

Always seek inward

Recently, around 10 fellow practitioners from our local area went to the post office together to try to send out documents to sue Jiang, they ran into some difficulties in the post office. Workers at the post office didn’t want to listen to the truth clarifications. When those fellow practitioners got back home, they felt both sad and urgent. When I heard of this news, I felt I was responsible for such an outcome, as I knew the problems that existed for those fellow practitioners. Now, I also felt many pressures when I decided to raise those problems directly. Nonetheless, I eventually ventured out to discuss the problems together with those fellow practitioners, I wanted to make a clean case for this campaign to sue Jiang, we would work together to complete this sacred mission in our cultivation path.

I started with my own problems, I told everyone my biggest issue was the lack of humbleness as a cultivator, that was due to my own selfishness; I said that on many occasions, I didn’t do things for the sake of the Fa, rather, I was using my own standards to measure things. I clearly understood my Xinxing was not good enough, yet, I wanted to make this campaign to sue Jiang a success in our local area. The next day when I was preparing for my sharing on our local Fa study group, I first knelt before Master’s image and said, “Master, Please give me compassion and wisdom.”

In the end, the discussion that we held that day turned out very successful. I opened my heart and presented my own thoughts on the issue: Firstly, when fellow practitioners were trying to send out those documents, they were still trying to protect themselves. When they were writing the return address for the documents, everyone was filling in the same fellow practitioner’s name and home address; secondly, they lacked a cultivator’s wisdom and rationality. When those fellow practitioners were preparing the documents in the hall of the post office, they didn’t seem to pay attention to all the other ordinary people around. Dafa practitioners should always pay attention to protect the image of Dafa so that people won’t be used by the old forces to commit crimes against Dafa; thirdly, one fellow practitioner was too bossy, everyone else seemed to just rely on him for everything. What moved me was that fellow practitioners behaved just like Dafa disciples that day. No one tried to hide his or her attachments. In such a compassionate and calm environment, many fellow practitioners were moved to tears. When I pointed out a particular fellow practitioner’s bossy problem, the fellow practitioner smiled instead of getting angry. I was really moved to see such a broad minded practitioner. I once more felt the uplifting power of cultivation improvement when the whole cultivating group acted together and when everyone in the group sought inwards at the same time. The next day, those fellow practitioners successfully shipped out the documents to sue Jiang.

Everyone is a coordinator

I have also noticed recently that many of those practitioners that didn’t show up regularly in our local group activities have also joined the campaign to sue Jiang. Fellow practitioners feel the compassion from the Master, yes, Master is giving everyone another chance. This has also reminded me one thing, when we are campaigning to sue Jiang, we also need to pay attention to all those fellow practitioners around us especially those living in the countryside. In this way, many more practitioners will join this campaign. Of course, we also need to make it clear everyone has to cultivate by himself. We can only advise others and it is always up to the individual cultivator to contribute their part.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/146962



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