Master Encouraged Me to Sue Jiang Zemin

Ru Yuan

PureInsight | October 4, 2015

[] Since beginning cultivation, I felt that every big event I encountered was a test of my xinxing, a physical and mental purification, an opportunity to break away from humanness and improve myself and was a process of continuous elevation and solid cultivation. They were all opportunities arranged in an orderly fashion by Master.

I felt somewhat absent-minded as the tide of suing Jiang Zemin had started earlier this year in May and I had not done anything. I didn’t know how to write or what to write. Later, the Minghui website published a sample article and materials regarding suing Jiang Zemin which encouraged me and gave me the confidence to make a start. With the increase of people suing Jiang Zemin increasing in number day by day, I knew I had been left behind. I decided to sue Jiang Zemin!

I sometimes practiced in a small park close to my dormitory building. In the morning of June 25th, a group of magpies in the trees kept chirping when I was practicing the Falun Heavenly Circuit exercise, and a group of pigeons also flew back and forth above me several times. I then had a thought that my documents to sue Jiang Zemin were fully prepared and Master was encouraging me to finish it and to quickly get it sent to Beijing.

Two practitioners delivered my documents as soon as I had arrived back home. It helped to improve my confidence in writing. In fact, these were all Master’s orderly arrangements and everything was done by Master. We are just playing our part. I felt that Master was giving me yet another chance to improve by suing Jiang Zemin. This opportunity comes by only once in a blue moon. I took care of all my personal and family trifles before I began writing to help keep my mind empty. However, my mind was so blank that I was not sure where to start. (Before this, I had a headache from 2 pm to 6pm without any reason). In addition, that day my daughter and baby grand-daughter came to visit. I was playing with my granddaughter while thinking where I should start. My daughter then went back to her husband’s family with her daughter when she realized how busy I was. It took me three days to finish it. The next day I went to my office and called the national fast delivery service. The mail was sent out at 10:15am that morning and received by the State Letters and Complaints Bureau and The Supreme People's Procuratorate separately at 9:09am and 10:52am the following day.

The courier charged 32 Yuan to deliver. I had 132 Yuan in my pocket by chance. “That’s God’s will!” I was pleased to say. I also said, “You don’t need to give me any change. I trust you will be more careful about the letter.” After the letter was sent, I felt that my hatred and some other attachments had been removed. Master had purified my body. I felt so relaxed.

On July 12th, I received a duckling shape cake from my company. (July 12th is my birthday). I gave it to Master first because Master gave me a new life. Master gives us opportunities again and again. Through them, we can see our shortcomings and weaknesses and improve through solid cultivation. It’s an unprecedented great moment without compare. We should make our way steadily; otherwise we would feel truly sorry when we finally see our great Master!


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