It Is Important to Clarify the Truth to Family Members

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | December 1, 2015

[] Recently, a fellow practitioner from our local area got arrested after he sent out a letter to sue Jiang Zemin. This practitioner did not let his family know what he was doing in the first place because he was afraid his family would get angry with him. When I heard of the news, I went to the detention center to visit the practitioner. While I was talking to the practitioner, one of the practitioner’s family members arrived at the scene. The family member complained, “Why did you sue Jiang? Why didn’t you just live a normal life? We are just ordinary people. We don’t need to worry about such things. Look who is suffering in the end?” Obviously, the family member had not learned of the truth about the persecution against Falun Gong.

In September this year, I was also illegally detained because of my letter to sue Jiang. When I got out of the detention center, my father came to pick me up. My father was full of love for me. The first words he uttered when he saw me were, “Hey, the CCP is doomed. Everything will be fine for you soon. Don’t be afraid.” Later, I learned that my father went to the public security station to clarify the truth the day after I was detained. He listed all the bad deeds that Jiang had performed against Falun Gong. He also told those officers the principles of retribution and asked those people to prepare for their own futures.

My father did not behave like that before he learned of the truth though. My father was heavily influenced by the CCP culture. He would always complain about me and ask me to stop playing politics with the CCP. He would tell me not to fight with the CCP because he said no one could win a battle against the CCP. Whenever I was detained, my father would get very angry with me. Later, I installed the NTD satellite TV at home, and my father started to change his views gradually after watching those TV programs on NTD. In the end, my father completely accepted the truth, and his thoughts were very righteous. Whenever I was detained again ever since, my father would actively venture out to clarify the truth to those public security agents. He did not feel sorry for me at all. When I told my father that some practitioners were hungry inside the detention center, my father would ask me to bring food to those practitioners. Whenever a fellow practitioner was released, my father would ask me to take the practitioner to my house if no one else could. He wanted to treat the practitioner well at my house.

When our family members learn the truth, they will support us, treat fellow Falun Gong practitioners well and help us spread the truth. If family members do not know the truth, we will feel pressured because we are afraid that our family members might know what we are doing and get angry with us. Also, these family members will not treat other Falun Gong practitioners well. Are we not actually doing harm to our family members then by not clarifying the truth to them?

The persecution has been going on for 16 years now. If we just make a little effort every now and then, this would be more than enough for us to convince our family members. I think it is our own fault if our family members still do not know the truth. We have not done enough, and we are not kind enough to our family members. I once read an article from the Minghui website which tells the story about a fellow practitioner who keeps bringing back truth documents every day to his family. The family members gradually changed their minds, and eventually they completely accepted the truth. Afterwards, the family members even helped dispatch truth documents to friends, relatives and neighbors. There are also many fellow practitioners who have installed NTDTV in their homes, while other practitioners have asked fellow practitioners to visit their homes to help clarify the truth to family members. Whatever we do, if we put our hearts into it, and we take responsibility for our family members, I am sure we will achieve excellent results in the end.

It is high time we clarify the truth to our family members; we should not wait any longer. Let us use wisdom, rationality and kindness to clarify the truth to our family members.

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