The Experience of an Elderly Mother in her Eighties Assiduously Memorizing “Lun Yu”

Hei Longjiang Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | December 1, 2015

[] My mother who is also a fellow disciple is eighty-three years old. She grew up in the rural farmlands and never obtained a formal education. Due to a chronic eye disease which caused inflammation and pain, she lost her eyesight when she was young. She has suffered many other diseases, giving her body endless misery. However in 1996, she fortunately began cultivating Falun Dafa. Soon after, the diseases disappeared. She no longer had eye pains and could even see some light although she could not see objects. She was able to perform tasks at home such as washing and cutting vegetables, washing dishes, making porridge and cooking rice.

During her cultivation, my mother deeply felt Master’s meticulous compassion and care, which probably involved much more worry and endurance for her than for the average disciple. As a result of being incredibly grateful for Master’s endless mercy and compassion, Mother frequently tears up and cannot express her feelings with words. Below, I would like to share with everyone my mother’s experience of assiduously memorizing “Lun Yu.”

1. No Matter How Difficult, I Will Memorize “Lun Yu” Fluently

Over the years through doing the three things, my mother has gotten into the habit of reciting “Lun Yu” and a few other writings from Master several times each day. She had memorized the previous “Lun Yu” very well and benefitted a great deal. When Master’s new “Lun Yu” was published, my mother was determined to memorize it well as quickly as possible. However, just on the first paragraph, she already found it very difficult. She had to repeat a sentence multiple times before she memorized it. It was June at the time, and it was my turn to care of my mother. Ever since my father passed away, my four sisters and I have taken turns to care for her each month. At first I patiently taught my mother one sentence at a time. However, I had to teach the following section from Master’s “Lun Yu” to my mother hundreds of times over several days: “Particles of varying sizes make up lives of varying sizes as well as the worlds of varying sizes that permeate the cosmic body.” Even so, she had a difficult time reciting it. I had to correct some words multiple times. I could not stand it any longer, so I began to complain that she was muddle-headed, required too much effort and wasted lots of time, etc. My mother sighed, “Yeah. Why can’t I remember it? It is too difficult to memorize.” She also said I was impatient and had a harsh attitude. I knew I was wrong. I also experienced the deep meaning of the new “Lun Yu,” which may make memorization more difficult. It took me around a month of serious effort to memorize it. Moreover, my mother was blind, uneducated and in her eighties. Her determination and perseverance to learn and memorize was valuable in itself.

I thus encouraged my mother, saying, “As long as you have the confidence, repeatedly recite it with focus and gradually understand the Fa’s surface meaning, you will strengthen your memory and will definitely be able to memorize it. Master will reinforce you. Even I and other fellow practitioners found it difficult to memorize, which suggests that the new “Lun Yu” has deeper meaning. Master is letting us improve more quickly. If we have a respectful attitude towards Master and the Fa, with gratitude and intent to assimilate to the Fa, then the effects will be better.

After hearing this, my mother regained her faith and said confidently: “No matter how difficult it is, I will memorize ‘Lun Yu’ well.” She sincerely requested that Master reinforce her, and sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil beings and factors that interfered with her Fa study and memorization. I also sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the attachments to complaining, irritability, competitiveness, not minding my speech, using non-compassionate language and other poisonous CCP factors. During the process of helping my mother memorize the Fa, I cultivated myself and deepened my understanding of the Fa. Both of our xinxing levels improved. During the Sue-Jiang tide, we delivered the complaint letters between late June and early July. We listened to Master and performed a deed that a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple should do.

2. Family Benefits and Receives Good Fortune for Helping

When it was my younger sister’s family’s turn to take care of my mother, my mother wanted her other family members to obtain the Fa by asking them to help her memorize the Fa. My nephew is ten years old and in his fourth grade. He has been saying, “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen Shan Ren is good,” from a young age. He sometimes does the heshi gesture in front of Master’s image, respectfully giving his greetings. He has also benefitted well; his grades have always been good. In the evening he keeps my mother company at the bed. My mother asks him to teach and help her memorize “Lun Yu,” and he does so earnestly. Whenever he plays on his cellphone, he becomes impatient, giving the excuse that he is tired and needs to go to sleep. When my mother sees bright lights, she knows he is playing on his cellphone, so she sends forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil spirits interfering with him. She tells him, “You must be patient as a teacher. You will also benefit from teaching your grandmother to memorize the Fa.” He then obediently goes back to teaching her.

In August it was my third younger sister’s turn to take care of Mother. Her family of three all believes that Falun Dafa is good and supports our cultivation. Their entire family has benefitted. They live an affluent lifestyle with harmony and happiness. They recently moved into a new home of over one hundred square meters. During her turn, my sister also regularly helped mum memorize “Lun Yu”. However, one day she could not resist telling her, “I cannot teach you. Let your fellow practitioners come and teach you.” My third sister is peaceful and kindhearted yet she also experienced the difficulty of teaching Mother to memorize the Fa. However, she sincerely admired mother’s diligent attitude towards memorizing the Fa, praising her that memorizing over 800 words of “Lun Yu” (she counted) was no easy task and was amazing! She felt that Dafa was miraculous and extraordinary, and she respected Dafa and Dafa disciples even more. My mother enlightened to the fact that Master was borrowing my third sister’s mouth to encourage her. She was deeply grateful and happily said, “Master is giving me wisdom. I must thank Him!”

In September it was my fourth younger sister’s turn to take care of mother. At this point, my mother was no longer learning to memorize “Lun Yu” word by word. Instead she was in the process of repeatedly reciting it. Every day she tirelessly recited it many times. She became very anxious whenever she got stuck and no one was around. Because my fourth sister had to work in a hospital, buy groceries after work, cook dinner, and study for her medical exams, as well as take good care of Mother (all my sisters exercise filial piety towards the elderly), she was busy all day. No matter how busy she was, she always had time to help mother memorize “Lun Yu”, because she knew this was important to mother. My mother’s good health in her eighties is a result of benefitting from cultivating Dafa.

My mother also told her, “By helping me memorize the Fa, Master will also give you wisdom, which will benefit your studies, work and health.” My fourth sister also experienced this. Before her exams, she thought: “Falun Dafa is good. Zhen Shan Ren is good,” and scored very well. Sometimes when my mother lay on her bed to rest, my sister would remind her to get up and memorize “Lun Yu,” and she would help her. My mother would immediately become energized and memorize the Fa with little effort.

3. Memorizing “Lun Yu” Facilitates Doing the Three Things Well

A few days after sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight, my mother would silently recite “Lun Yu.” She would become more awake as she recited to the point where she could not fall asleep all night. She finally memorized “Lun Yu” fluently and did not feel tired during the day. At first she thought she needed to drink some milk to fall asleep, but she later enlightened that memorizing the Fa was what awakened her main consciousness, “This is good; it is Master reinforcing me after seeing me diligently memorizing the Fa, so why am I seeking outwards?”

Now my mother recites the Fa whenever she has time. She will ask whoever is taking care of her to watch her while she recites “Lun Yu.” My family members were moved by mother’s perseverance in memorizing the Fa, and Dafa’s miracles and endless might were displayed through my mother. My fourth sister applauded my mother, “My old mother is really capable. Really amazing! I even have trouble memorizing anything, yet you can memorize that much Fa.” This is her heartfelt admiration for Dafa disciples. However, she is an ordinary person; Dafa’s profound meaning is infinite. A little bit of ordinary knowledge cannot compare.

After nearly a hundred days of tireless effort, my mother finally memorized “Lun Yu”. Her xinxing constantly improved during the process, as did her understanding of the Fa. She also let go of many human thoughts and notions. Even though she cannot say for sure how many more Fa principles she understands, she constantly stores Fa in her mind. Isn’t she constantly assimilating to the Fa? This has also pushed her to do the three things well. Every day she listens to one to two lectures of Master’s Dalian audio recordings. Sometimes she listens to three and studies other Fa as well. She does all five exercises and sends forth righteous thoughts at the four global times, as well as at 8 PM, 9 PM and 10 PM local time. She also listens to Minghui, Zhengjian and other audio recordings of cultivation sharing experiences. When she gets the opportunity, she goes out to clarify the truth and get people to quit the CCP, which has a great effect. My mother is very attentive towards appearing clean and well dressed. When people hear her compassionate words and see her kind countenance, refreshing personality and lack of facial wrinkles, they all say she does not look like an eighty-year-old woman. She takes this opportunity to explain how she has benefitted from cultivating Dafa, validating Dafa’s miraculous beauty.

I would also like to thank one of my mother’s neighbors, a fellow disciple nearing her eighties. She frequently helped mother study the Fa, shared experiences, took care of her and helped her memorize “Lun Yu”. She always taught Mother very slowly and carefully with a peaceful attitude, and never got bored. She displayed Dafa disciples’ compassion and the valuable quality of always being considerate of others. I would like to thank this fellow practitioner for her selfless help.

Conclusion: My purpose in writing this was to encourage those fellow practitioners who have not yet memorized “Lun Yu” fluently to quickly improve themselves. To my knowledge, there are quite a number of practitioners who have not memorized “Lun Yu”. If an uneducated eighty-year-old blind woman can put in the effort to memorize “Lun Yu”, then we should also be diligent. Compassionate Master publishing the new “Lun Yu” towards the end of the Fa-rectification period is deeply significant and has profound meaning. I feel He is hoping that disciples can more quickly improve themselves, assimilate to the Fa and walk towards godhood.

The above is my personal understanding. My level is limited. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.


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