Bad Things Turn into Good Things for Cultivators

A Dafa disciple in China

PureInsight | October 6, 2016

[] Many miraculous things will happen to Falun Dafa practitioners; it is not out of pure luck that such things occur, but on the contrary, it is because practitioners are protected by our Master. As long as cultivators hold firm faith, Master will always be able to turn bad things into good. I’d like to share something I experienced just last week.

The company that I work for is far from where I live and I have to take the company bus every day to get there. Last Wednesday morning, I waited at the usual spot for my bus for quite a while, but it didn’t come. I then called one of my colleagues and learnt that the bus had already passed my spot. So I had to wait for the city bus to go to work. This bus is usually very slow and crowded. I'd taken the city bus a couple of times before and it would take me about an hour, so I worried that I might end up being 20 minutes late. I was very unhappy. I waited another 10 minutes for the city bus and was becoming even more agitated. My company uses finger prints for clocking in on arrival; lateness brings problems.

The city bus eventually showed up, but it didn’t stop and drove passed me. I immediately ran after it. The bus driver saw me and stopped the bus. After I got on the bus, I thought, “Why am I running into all these problems today? Are they accidental? Absolutely not; nothing accidental happens to a cultivator.”

I started looking inwards and realized what was going on. I'd recently developed a resistance to going to work and almost felt that I hated work. My manager seemed to be bent on creating troubles for me; he assigned too much work for me and also kept criticizing me. I knew that it was a good chance for me to improve my Xinxing, but I still felt that the work was too much. I felt uncomfortable being criticized and my attitude towards my manager was not good.

Last Wednesday, I hadn't been feeling willing to go to work and had thought about staying home. Such an attachment in my heart had caused me to miss my bus. After I realized this, I immediately corrected my mentality. I remembered what Master once said about bad things and how they could be used to gain good results. Such a transformation was happening to me at that moment. Usually, when I took the company bus, I just sat listening to music or closed my eyes and meditated, because all people on the bus were my colleagues. Since I was on the city bus that day and it was not full, I sat down and began to read the Fa as an e-book, to make good use of my time.

I continued reading the Fa that I didn’t get to finish in the morning. I stopped worrying about being late. I said to myself, “I will give everything to Master; I don’t care if I get reprimanded for being late, and spending time on studying the Fa is worthy of everything else.” Well, to my surprise, the city bus ran very smoothly that day. Usually, it stopped many times at bus stops, but that day it was very quiet so the bus driver kept driving, as if he knew that I was in a hurry. As a result, the bus arrived right on time and I had also just finished reading the Fa. So, everything seemed to have been arranged for me. It would still take me about two minutes to get to my company’s clocking gate, so I thought that I would still be two minutes late. But my heart was calm and I didn’t think too much. A miracle then occurred. The clocking machine restarted when I placed my fingers on it to record my arrival time, and it just readjusted my arrival time as two minutes earlier, so I ended up being on time. I knew deep in my heart that Master had been helping me throughout the whole process. I had time to finish studying the Fa on the city bus, and I was also on time for work.

As I had studied the Fa with the heart of a genuine cultivator that day, I have had a positive mentality the whole day. I completed my work more efficiently and many work related problems were easily addressed.

Through this experience, I have again felt the power of Dafa. I have again come to understand the importance of Fa study and Xinxing cultivation.

Master says in “Zhuan Falun”:“Good or evil comes from a person’s spontaneous thought.”

Many occurrences that we run into in our daily lives come as a result of our thoughts. As long as we treat ourselves as practitioners and immerse our thoughts into the Fa, Master is able to turn every bad thing into a good thing.


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