Reciting the Fa

A Dafa disciple from Jilin Province

PureInsight | November 17, 2016

[] I am a Dafa disciple who obtained the Fa in 1998. I knew quite early the importance of reciting the Fa. Seeing fellow practitioners did well in reciting the Fa, I was really envious and I immediately made up my mind to recite the Fa. I started reciting the Fa right away when I resolved to recite the Fa but every time I gave up half way I couldn’t persist anymore for ten or fifteen days. The situation repeated until now and I was really in a mess on reciting the Fa. The contents I can really recite are very little. On reflecting this I was really regretting that I didn’t have an iron will to recite the Fa well bit by bit. If I could have persisted on reciting the Fa for the past 18 years, just think about it, how much Fa I should have been able to recite? When Fa is remembered in the heart every time, how many detours I could have avoided!

After painful reflection, I started to set task for myself to persist on reciting the Fa every day. No matter how reluctant to persist, I would overcome all negative factors that hindered the reciting of Fa. I know it were the black hands and rusty ghosts of the old forces who interfered and blocked me, making me sleepy, back pain, and insomnia.

Detour and unable to wake up in the morning, so as to force me to give up. I knew their vicious intentions and wouldn’t fall into their trap. I strengthened my righteous thoughts to eliminate all evil factors that interfered with my reciting the Fa, no matter what happened, I would persist to the end. I tried to calm down the fickle heart and got rid of all bad thoughts. When reciting the Fa, I would make all characters in Dafa’s book appear in front of my eyes, I slowed down while reciting and calmed down my heart, I restrained my thought and concentrated fully in Dafa. Gradually I found myself less fretful and quicker in the reciting.

Now I require myself to persist on reciting the Fa every day, in addition, I no longer felt anxious, but found every character in Master’s book was so solemn and great! It seemed as if I have only started to be enlightened to Master’s Fa, new understandings kept coming up when reciting the Fa repeatedly. When reciting the Fa I felt myself was immersed in the huge grace of Dafa and I was the happiest person in the world. I liked reciting the Fa more and more each day. I must persist until the end and leave no regret on reciting the Fa. I would do the three things well at the same time. Thanks for Master’s painstaking saving! Thanks for encouragement from fellow practitioners!

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