Master Returns Burned Books

Dafa Disciple Xiao Yun

PureInsight | October 29, 2016

[] I reside in a small town in the mountainous area of Heilongjiang Province. Prior to the start of the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, many people had practiced Falun Gong. After 1999, under the terrifying environment created by the evil Chinese Communist Party, and with the use of slandering, defaming, misinforming the public, defaming Falun Gong and Falun Gong practitioners, many Falun Gong practitioners were detained, sent to forced labor camps, and faced years of severe sentence. Some who started practicing Falun Gong soon before the start of the persecution were not too familiar with Falun Gong, no longer practiced Falun Gong due to fear. There were also those who renounced their belief in Falun Gong after being influenced by the rumors spread by the Chinese state-run media. Below is a true story.

There was a Li family, the husband and wife, the daughter and grandchildren all had practiced Falun Gong until they saw the fake news “Guan Sufang” who strangled her own daughter to death. The husband believed the news to be true and was angry, then ordered his wife and daughter to burn all Falun Gong books and to stop practicing Falun Gong altogether. The wife and daughter were heart-broken yet did not dare to refute. In one night, the wife and daughter had burned all Falun Gong books to ashes and renounced their belief. A year later, the husband had lumbar herniated disc. The husband seeks medical treatment and help from all hospitals in the province. He even took cancer pills in an effort to try to cure his lumbar herniated disc illness. When all things failed, a neighbor suggested the husband to seek medical help from outside resources (witch doctor). The husband then said, “I will not believe nor practice any other religion but Falun Gong for the rest of my life.”

When speaking of Falun Gong, he felt deeply regretful and ashamed for wanting to practice Falun Gong due to irresistible physical pain. He does not have any Falun Gong books. Under such terrifying situation, where could he possibly find Falun Gong books? He sighed. Because of his pure thoughts coming from his heart, Master Li helped, and for the next few days, he often heard sounds “books are still there.” He shook his head and thought, “how could there be Falun Dafa books; books were burned.”He then searched in the place where he had previous stored Falun Gong books. To his surprise, the Falun Gong books reappeared and he handed it to his wife. The wife then responded in great surprise, “Aren’t these Falun Dafa books? Where did you get it?” The wife then called the daughter to join them. The wife and daughter were then surrounded by these Falun Gong books and said “impossible, impossible.” These were the books we burned overnight, but we have to believe what is being presented in front of our eyes. The daughter then opened a Falun Dafa book, The Great Way to Spiritual Perfection, the same book that she reluctantly burned. The very same bookmark is still in the book. At that very moment, the family could not express in words how much gratitude they have for the great benevolent Master. At the same time, it also further validated the miracles of Falun Dafa in the ordinary society and its benevolence to sentient beings. This miraculous experience has led the family to return their cultivation paths in Falun Gong. The husband also recovered rapidly.

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