Cultivation in Dafa is Wonderful

Jing Sha, A Dafa disciple in China

PureInsight | October 16, 2016

[] My husband suddenly passed away in 2005. I was near to the point of a breakdown since I had to support a big family. Plus, I was also worn down with all kinds of diseases. My friend who was cultivating Dafa gave me the cherished book Zhuan Falun and let me practice. Although I hadn’t been to school; I felt the Fa would be so good as to unlock my heart. I found time to read and asked my daughter to explain each word one by one. Master gave me wisdom and I was soon able to read Zhuan Falun by myself. Since I had no distractions at Fa study and practice, Master showed me lots of miracles and encouraged me to be more diligent in cultivation.

‘Falun and Lotus Flowers were flying out of my mouth during Fa study’

We began a Fa study group at my home. I could sit upright and listen to every word attentively. When other fellow practitioners were reading, at my turn, I could read every word without distraction. The practitioners said they saw rotating Falun and pure lotuses flying out of my mouth. I realized Master was encouraging us to practice solidly.

‘Falun Rotating Overhead for many years’

Master purified my body during the first month of my practice and for the whole time I had been feverish. Since then, all of my diseases have disappeared. I have practiced for over nine years now and have been disease-free for all the time. For several years, I could feel a rotating round object over my head with strong energy. If my Xinxing was improved, I would feel very comfortable. Otherwise I would feel very uncomfortable. Master gave us a unique opportunity in which the Fa cultivates practitioners. Falun was helping me improve by adjusting my incorrect status and evolving Gong.

Before this Chinese New Year, Falun was rotating much faster. A high fever had returned but still I was very happy because I knew my body was being purified again. One day, the Falun went into my ear from above making a loud noise. Two hours later, white pus flew out from my inner ear. My daughter wanted me to go to hospital. I smiled and said, “No need.” The third day, I saw a white crystal Falun was rotating over my head, forward and reverse. It was a high level energetic being.

‘A Mighty storm came right after meditation’

I could achieve a tranquil state when I practiced. My body was enshrouded in a field surrounded by compassion and peace. In meditation, my concentration improved step by step until I couldn’t feel anything including my body, my arms or legs, except for a little idea that I was meditating here. With the process of Fa-rectification and my own Xinxing improvements, I felt more and more magical. Since I normally meditated in my yard in the evening, miracles happened six times. One day when I finished meditating and was about to enter the room when the rain suddenly came pelting down. There is no language to describe my appreciation and admiration of Master. Master is so great, taking care of us every minute.


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