Eliminate Attachments to Sentimentality

A Dafa Disciple in Heilongjiang Province

PureInsight | February 12, 2017

[PureInsight.org] Ordinary people live for sentimentality; our practitioners are the opposite. However, the process of this attachment elimination is so hard.

'Relinquishing the attachment to my Mom'
I was very close to my Mom since I was born. No matter what happened to her, I was always the first one to be with her. Every year, I tried to figure out what she needed on everything. In May of 2013, her passing shook me dreadfully. As a practitioner, I knew I shouldn’t miss her; but I was unable to control myself. Until one day in August, I was sent to the hospital at 2am during a wedding ceremony. At the front door of the hospital, I saw my brother-in-law who passed away at the same hospital half year ago. He said hello to me. Then I blacked out in the emergency room. Then my primordial spirit left my body I saw my Mom and my young brother who passed away 16 days after he was born. I begged them not to take me away. Then I saw Master give them something. They left and I woke up. My husband said he thought I might not wake up. I then eliminated the attachment to my Mom.

'Eliminate the attachment to my husband'
My husband and I have been married 30 years. He respected Dafa and was very kind to me. However, if he overdrank, he fought with me and disrespected Dafa. As a practitioner, I never fought back and always worried about his health because he had high blood pressure and diabetes. My son said, “Mom, since you have retired, you should go to take care of my Dad often.” I agreed. Every day, I would take lunch to him and return home in the evening. Occasionally, I stayed there to take care of him if I noticed he overdrank. On Jan 3rd, 2016, he came to my house after he drank too much. I noticed Evil Mao at his left manipulating him to scold Master and threw Master’s picture. For the first time, I fought to stop him. I didn’t calm down. He called 110 to report that I practiced Falun Dafa and had Master's picture. My son took me away for the night after locked the room with Master’s picture. He said nothing would happen because Master and Fa were there. I came back at 9 am the next day and nobody seemed to have come to my room. My husband requested to divorce and we finished the process at 4pm the same day. He asked me, “How could you finish so fast as a practitioner?” He tried to scare me after overdrank. Although we divorced, he still wanted me to help him as usual. I thought we have been married more than 30 years and he was the father of my son, so I still took care of him.

The more I loved him; the more he drank. He hurled me or and beat me every time after he overdrank. My body always felt so bad the second day that I couldn’t go to my office. However, I still missed him and wanted to stay married to him One day, he drank too much and grabbed my hair and pressed my head against the grass. He continued to hit my head on the lawn until someone called the police. I noticed my little finger was bent 90 degrees from my palm. I blessed Master and asked Master to help me. My finger returned to normal.

My husband wanted me to see doctor after he woke up; but I refused. Because of his drinking, his blood pressure was not stable. Sometimes his blood pressure was more than 200. However, he didn’t talk to me when I took care of him at the hospital. Upon his recovery, he said he was angry to see me and wanted me to leave his key. I thought it was time for me to put down the attachment to him and gave back the key. After that, his blood pressure was restored and all other indicators were back to normal. I realized it was because of my attachment he was ill.

'Eliminate the attachment to my son'
My son was 28 years old and very independent. However, I had so many attachments which included to his career and his girlfriend. Because of my attachments, I always scolded him which brought him too much pressure and he wouldn't fall asleep until after midnight. I couldn’t sleep either. One day, my son told me, “Mom, I'm grown up already and I can make my own judgments. I can’t stand your caring for me. What you need to do is to take good care of yourself. That’s good enough.” I exchanged with a practitioner and she told me, “Your son is taken care by a God since he agreed with Dafa. Let’s do our three things to go home with Master.” Then I put down the attachment to my son and became very focussed on sending forth righteous thoughts, Fa study and truth clarification every day.

Now everything is changed for the better including my son’s status. Thanks for Master’s compassion. I am writing this today is to cultivate more diligently by eliminating all attachments to sentimentality and go home with Master. I often recited Hong Yin IV when I felt bad:
“Coming to this world is for this time (Note: it is not an official translation)

Why the life is so tiring
Who people live for
Love and hatred disappear like clouds
Sadden in the drama after wake up
Money and fame can’t be taken with you
Always lose after struggling for whole life
People come to the world waiting for Dafa
Good people will return home
Reincarnation for thousands of years
Coming to the world is for this time”

After several times recitation, I realized my life is only for the present after thousand years of reincarnation, I should put down all kinds of attachments. My attachments were then decreased a lot.

Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/155301

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