Being Steadfast in Cultivation, Not Being Controlled by Human Notions

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | April 22, 2017

[] I returned to my hometown last year and went to a fellow practitioner’s home. The fellow practitioner said his state was not good. He told me he could not see clearly and had high blood sugar as he pulled out an image of his eyes taken at the hospital. I could tell the fellow practitioner was frightened by the illness karma and could not jump out of it. I told him it was best not to look at these things in the future because cultivators do not have illnesses.

Actually I personally learned a deep lesson. One midnight a few years ago, I suddenly could not move on the bed. I was dizzy and could not open my eyes. My speech was also unclear. My child took me to the emergency room. When I left the hospital, the doctor wrote down a list of diagnoses. I later felt a lot of pressure and many symptoms often occurred. When no one else was around, I would take a look at the diagnoses secretly. The more I looked at it, the more I could not let go of it. One day I realized cultivators did not have illnesses. Didn’t I ask for all of these? I thus threw away the diagnoses booklet and decided to never think about it again. However, that was much easier said than done. When my body had a symptom, I would subconsciously associate it with a diagnosis. When this thought arose, I made an effort to get rid of it. I feel that even today I have not fully eliminated it, but it is now much better than before.

Before cultivation I had various illnesses. My fellow co-workers said I was the kind of person who would fall if the wind blew me. If my body became ill, I would read medical books. Whenever a symptom arose, I would associate it with some illness. It became a notion. After beginning cultivation, all the illnesses disappeared into thin air. Now these symptoms are manifesting themselves again along with those notions. I realized that these symptoms are closely tied to those notions. They are living, and if you accept them then they will control you. Master said in Essentials for Further AdvancementFor Whom do you Exist?, “In fact, other than a person’s innate purity and innocence, all notions are acquired postnatally and are not a person’s actual self.
If these acquired notions become too strong, their role will reverse by dictating a person’s true thinking and behavior. At this point, that person might still think that they are his own ideas. This is the case for almost all contemporary people.”

After I understood that these notions were not myself and were instead human notions that the old forces are using to persecute my body, I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them.

In recent years, there have been many elderly practitioners in my local area being interfered by illness karma persecution. Some elderly practitioners lost their lives because of this. As far as I know, many had a fuzzy understanding about illness karma and did not jump out of human notions and understandings. Some even assumed the notions were themselves. Some were driven by human attachments, and their hearts were not on the Fa or cultivation. They were so busy buying houses and coaxing grandchildren and prioritized ordinary lifestyles. Cultivation became secondary. All of these became reasons for the old forces to persecute them. Master said in Teaching the Fa at the Conference II Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston, “A Dafa disciple should put the Fa first in everything he does--whenever you evaluate something you have to consider the Fa first.” When I think about these lessons, I often blame myself for not listening to Master!

Another thing is when one is persecuted by illness karma and cannot extricate oneself, human notions and attachments surface. At this time, one’s faith in Master and the Fa may buckle, and one’s steadfastness in cultivation may sway. For example some practitioners think they’re steadfast in cultivation, and they do the three things. Why do they suffer such severe persecution? Why doesn’t Master take care of them? When these notions come out, there is already the thought of resentment towards Master and the Fa, which is a very bad notion. Actually you did not look inwards. Did you really have faith in Master and the Fa? How well did you do the three things? Did you meet the standards? How far are you from the standard? How many human notions and attachments do you have left? If we conducted ourselves very well, would the old forces dare to persecute us? How often have you been slacking, numb, or relaxed?

Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference, “Each of your attachments could cause your cultivation to fail. Each of your attachments could result in physical issues, and lead your once-firm faith in Dafa to waver.” I personally learned my lesson from not being diligent. Perhaps other fellow practitioners have had the same experience. I hope that fellow practitioners suffering from illness karma persecution may remember Master’s teachings in Essentials for Further Advancement IIDrive Out Interference, “The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” As long as we study the Fa well, are always on the Fa, and are not controlled by human notions, then illness karma tribulations will vanish. The cultivation environment will fundamentally change.

The above is my personal understanding. Please compassionately point out anything inappropriate.

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