A Mystical Little Girl

Mei, a Liaoning Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | February 12, 2017

[PureInsight.org] In the age of the Dharma’s end, ghosts and demons are regarded as the Dao. For the purpose of saving the universe’s sentient beings, the Lord Buddha has led Dafa Disciples in overcoming countless obstacles and has descended to the human world to save sentient beings lost in delusion. Now I will switch to the first-person voice to tell a story about a fellow practitioner and her grandchild, allowing us to better understand the difficulty of salvation and Master’s boundless compassion.

I only have one daughter. My daughter and son-in-law work at city government. My son-in-law has a very peculiar family. His dad is an evil communist party secretary for a large state enterprise company. His mother is an evil-party member. His grandfather and a few of his uncles are police officers; in total there are over seven of them. They have all been poisoned by the evil party, and are unable to differentiate good from bad. As a practitioner who cultivates Truthfulness compassion tolerance, they were very cold and indifferent toward me and connived my son-in-law in beating and bullying me. When this happened, even my own daughter would stand by the side in indifference.

My daughter and son-in-law both felt that my distributing truth clarification materials on the street and urging people to make the three withdrawals from evil communist party would have a negative impact on their future and cause them to lose status and face. They thus vehemently opposed me. In order to keep me from studying the Fa, doing the exercises and clarifying the truth, my son-in-law would often punch and kick me without any signs of holding back—-even if his dad and mom were on the scene. In fact, his parents didn’t find it disgraceful and never stopped him, even feeling that he didn’t attack forcefully enough. In the face of their cold indifference and callousness, I was deeply pained in my heart. I felt that that they were poisoned by the lies deceiving the world, to the point that they would disregard familial affection and basic ethics. I felt very sorry for them. No matter how they treated me, I was not scared, and harbored no discontentment or hatred. I continued to maintain my faith, and followed Master’s requirements in doing the three things as before. I maintained my patience and compassion in clarifying the truth to them, but because they were scared for their futures, they would always refuse listening or believing in what I said.

My daughter’s family has one daughter, who is five years old this year. Because her parents were always out and unable to take care of her, the task of raising her fell on my shoulders. I have to do well what the Fa requires of me as well as harmonize the family, so while looking after the child I would always remember to study the Fa, do the exercises, and clarify the truth. As she got older, I taught her to memorize Hong Yin, had her watch Shen Yun DVDs, and told her cultivation stories. I would even take her to clarify the truth and give out flyers with me. Thus, this little girl grew up basking in the Fa’s light. Though the girl is only five, she is like a little fairy. She is incredibly smart, and speaks in series of complete sentences like a small adult. The entire family loves her.

My son-in-law’s father has had diabetes for a long time and strictly abstains from eating sweet foods. In 2004 he was diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage and needed surgery on his head. In 2013 he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and had to undergo the surgery to cut off the stomach. To add hail on top of snow, in May of this year, he was affected with cerebral thrombosis. Consequently, he is in bed all day and cannot take care of himself in day to day life. He needs someone to feed him food, and also became intellectually handicapped. I had previously clarified the truth to him many times, but to no avail. After he was sick this time, I would often bring my granddaughter to see him. His granddaughter always behaved very well. If she wasn’t bringing him food, she would be feeding him water and medicine. Upon seeing that grandfather wasn’t happy she would sing, dance, and draw for him. Every time she came along, she was able to bring a smile to her grandfather’s normally dejected face.

One time, she painfully said to her grandfather, “Grandfather, I love you, and I don’t want to lose you. Grandfather, you are already in this state. Can you accept this? Grandfather, you also love me, you also don’t want to go right? Grandfather, only by believing in Dafa and not opposing Dafa can you be saved. Grandmother cultivates the Buddha Fa, and you support dad in beating grandmother. You are wrong. Do not do this in the future. Look how good grandmother’s health is. Grandfather, if you sincerely recite ‘Falun Dafa is good, truthfulness-compassion-tolerance is good’, Master will protect you. You will then be able to live.”

Her grandfather asked, “Do you believe in Falun Gong?” His granddaughter replied, “I do, because grandmother believes, and Master protected me! One time I was playing at home when I accidently swallowed a fifty cent coin. I was so scared and started wailing. Grandmother knew that something happened to me and told me to recite ‘Falun Dafa is good, Zhen-Shan-Ren is good’. When dad heard it he started hitting grandmother, but grandmother didn’t move and continued to recite. In the end I was able to spit out the coin I had swallowed. It was only then that dad knew I had swallowed a coin into my stomach. Another time, dad kicked grandmother out of bed, and grandmother’s leg got swollen so big (as she was talking she gestured with her hands). Grandmother took me outside to play, but when we were at the door she realized that she had forgotten something (truth clarification materials), so she left me at the doorstep as she went back inside to get it. At that moment I accidently fell and started tumbling down the stairs. Grandmother was not able to grab me in time and yelled loudly, ‘Master, please save the child.’ As she yelled she ran down the stairs and grabbed me as I fell into her arms. I told grandmother that her shoes had fallen off and that I wasn’t hurt and didn’t feel any pain. During this time, mom and dad were walking up the stairs and when they heard yelling they weren’t happy and wanted to hit grandmother. Grandmother told them what happened, saying ‘It was Master who saved the child from injury!’ Just from these two incidents, doesn’t it show my Master’s great mighty virtue?”

As the girl finishing telling her two stories, she pressed her hands in front of her chest to heshi and said in a sweet, childish tone, “I love Master. Thank you Master!” I asked, “How will you thank Master?” She said, “Get a pen, draw a heart, and I will give the heart to Master!” As she said this she put her two hands in front of her chest and made a grateful gesture. Her pure and sincere gesture was just so adorable, and everyone on the scene was moved. Her grandfather embraced her in his arms with tears streaming down his cheeks. The girl’s grandmother also cried, saying “This child is so good, she behaves even better than her grandfather!” At that moment she pulled out two thousand yuan to give to her granddaughter.

Her grandfather asked again, “How do I learn Dafa?” She said, “You should treasure the things grandmother gives you and keep them in a safe place.” Grandfather says, “Teach me the ones you know.” She then recited Hong Yin poems to him while having grandmother write them down. She also taught her grandfather the movements of the third exercise.

Afterwards, grandfather never again opposed Dafa, and would even sincerely recite “Falun Dafa is good, Zhen-Shan-Ren is good.” He would always willingly accept truth clarification materials. He not only listens to Master’s lectures, but reads Minghui Weekly and Pureinsight Weekly. He has also done the three withdrawals. Two months later, he is now able to eat any type of food and his blood sugar has even appeared to be low rather than high. He is able to feed himself on his own, his appearance is fairer, and has gained considerable weight. When his family saw his changes, they realized that it was a miracle brought about by Dafa and no way opposed Dafa thereafter. They even invite me to their homes often and my son-in-law has also stopped attacking me.

Finally, I want to use a poem from Master’s Hong Yin IV to share with the world’s people; I hope that people will understand the truth and not miss this extremely rare predestined opportunity:


What Dafa disciples said is not wrong (Note: it is not an official translation)


Enjoy the fame and fortune

Float up and down of sentimental elusion

Separation or reunion, dream comes true or not

Rushing for the fame and fortune is drama

Youth and flourishing vanish quickly

Feel pained when looking back

What’s the meaning of life

What Dafa disciples said is not wrong

Hopefully the opportunity still exists


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/154918



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