“Master Returns This Wallet to Us!”

Shu Lan, a Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | January 25, 2017

[PureInsight.org] On May 16, 2016, my eldest son went drinking with his friends. He was so drunk that he staggered all the way home and instantly passed out. At around 6 PM, he sobered up only to find his wallet missing. He and his friend looked everywhere but could not find it.

The wallet had his ID, 800 Yuan, and debit card, which had 5000 Yuan on it. Because he rode home in an acquaintance’s cab, he called the cab driver and asked, “Have you seen my wallet in the cab?” The driver replied, “No I have not. Go look for it in your house and on the path back!” My eldest son became angry. His wallet was truly lost, so he stopped talking.

On the May 17, 2016, we searched for the wallet everywhere in the house for an entire day but still could not find it.

At that time, I thought of Master. I am a Dafa disciple, so I pleaded to Master. That night, I told Master’s portrait, “Master, your disciple has encountered a situation! Your disciple’s eldest son lost his wallet, which has his ID. If he cannot find it, then this will interfere with doing the three things well and saving sentient beings. Master, please help your disciple to look for the wallet. Thank you Master! Disciple has troubled you!” I then brought both hands to a heshi.

After pleading to Master, on the morning of the 18, my eldest son ran into my room and happily said, “Mom! I found the wallet on my small table in plain sight? How did none of us see it? Isn’t that weird?”

I told my eldest son, “Son! I know what happened. Yesterday I pleaded to Master to help us find it. Master returned this wallet to us. Go thank Master!” My eldest son understood and immediately kneeled before Master’s portrait, kowtowed, and said, “Thank you Master! Thank you Master!”

My eldest son is usually very respectful towards Master. After Master returned his wallet, he was even more respectful and believed in Master more. He also frequently helped me distribute materials and truth clarification calendars to help save sentient beings.


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