Eliminate the Attachment of Complaint in Daily Life

A Dafa Disciple overseas

PureInsight | December 25, 2016

[PureInsight.org] Recently, I was involved in a project to rescue the illegally arrested fellow practitioners. We all looked inward to dig out our attachments. I found my attachment of complaining about things.

1. The attachment of complaint

Once, several of our coordinators met with the families of the persecuted fellow practitioners regarding how to rescue practitioners and save the public security officers. We were scheduled to meet at a street corner at 7:30pm. I got used to consider for other people after I started cultivating. Normally I arrived at the scheduled place 10 minutes early. That day, I arrived 8 minutes early and saw another coordinator. Until 7:30pm, we didn’t see other coordinators and those family members. We eventually left after another 20 minutes wait, but nobody came. I started to complain. When I got home, I suddenly realized they probably had other issue. I realized it was an opportunity to eliminate my attachment of complaint.

The next day, we talked about that evening’s situation in Fa study. They said they arrived on time and saw the road workers and sprinkler watering the trees at roadside. I said we saw it as well, but they didn’t see us.

2. Complaints everywhere

Whine and Complaint were very similar. We got used to complain about things and it was so hard to realize this attachment. The following are some typical examples:

1). Fate was unfair. People in countryside couldn’t get as much benefit as people in the city. People might complain that they couldn’t get enough help to be an official, to join the army or go to the university, etc.

2). Contradiction with mother-in-law. Generally, mother-in-law complained the daughter-in-law for not being obedient, and vice-versa.

3). In the office, leadership complained subordinates for not working hard, and vice versa.

4). Dad complained his son playing too much and his son complained his Dad not giving enough time to play and so on.

5). Wife complained her husband’s drinking, playing mahjong and no housework; husband complained his wife about her selfish and limit freedom on him, etc.

6). Grass-roots people complained about the unequal distribution from the government; the prevalence of corrupt officials in the Communist Party. The upper level people complained lower level people’s low quality without good health habit. They treated the petitioners as trouble-makers.

3. Changing our mind to eliminate the attachment of complaint

In mainland, traditional culture has been severely damaged. Affected by the evil party culture, people defied trivial conventions; had no credibility; complained to each other everywhere. We were scared by looking back after cultivation. We paid much attention at attachments of scare, jealous, showing off, joyful, resentment, etc. However, the attachment of complaint was found relatively late. I thought the whining was from selfish, thinking only of ourselves and complaining about others.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, "In true cultivation you have to cultivate your mind, you have to cultivate inward, to look inward—you can’t look outward." A few days ago, our coordinators scheduled to meet families of persecuted practitioners about communication with lawyers. I went there early and waited for 30 minutes. Another coordinator went to look for them and found them at another corner. They were in the wrong place. Then we talked about the issue together without any complaint.

4. Looking inward to improve Xinxing constantly

To save more people, we should improve our Xinxing continuously by good Fa study, sending forth righteous thoughts and looking inward. We should pay more attention at the detail and process by thinking for the people to be saved in both truth clarification and the rescue of the persecuted fellow practitioners. Master would do a lot of extraordinary things for the practitioners with true cultivation. Otherwise, the old force would make trouble if we couldn’t believe Master and Fa with pure heart. Master couldn’t help either. Things could be resolved only if we studied Fa well and had solid cultivation to meet the requirement from different level.

The above is a personal understanding, please kindly correct anything inappropriate.


Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/154756




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