The Most Dangerous Attachment is Hidden in Privacy

Zheng Xin

PureInsight | January 21, 2018

[] In today’s society, people feel safer with privacy. These are degenerative thoughts that are dangerous for practitioners. The privacy I am discussing does not refer to the normal privacy of bank PINs or anti-theft information, but rather hidden privacy meant to intentionally hide attachments.

Some fellow practitioners say they have no attachments. Of course, one cannot find attachments while immersed in them. Master left a collective Fa study environment for us so we can encourage and support each other. As long as a fellow practitioner is cultivating, other practitioners can wake him up when he is in a bad state. However, the privacy can be hidden so deeply that nobody can see it on the surface. It is the evil root that derives all attachments including envy, greed, lust, etc. Unless the practitioner exposes and eliminates his own privacy by himself/herself, it cannot be resolved. It is even harder to eliminate it while immersed in the attachment.

For example, we all know online games are poison. It exists through the network but controls people’s minds and behavior like a drug addiction. It even pushes practitioners into the abyss. There was a diligent practitioner A, who became addicted to computer games and taught his kids to play. Eventually he abandoned cultivation and became worse than ordinary people.

With the repeated help of fellow practitioners, he returned to Dafa. However, the old forces arranged the mobile-phone-dominated society. Mobile games and all kinds of software are even more attractive replacements for the computer. That practitioner played WeChat, live software, and other games on the cellphone. Nobody knew about it. He hid his attachments strictly, but other practitioners thought he was diligent. Despite interacting with other practitioners daily, practitioner A lost opportunities to improve daily. It is still this way, and I shudder even thinking about it.

Additionally, practitioners who have internet addictions show irritability, lie, quibble, have attachments to lust, have no contact with other practitioners, etc. In other dimensions, everything is alive including mobile games, WeChat, and other popular software. The old forces control them from behind. Wanting to see it or listen to it is equivalent to requesting it. You would be shielded from persuasion; even if you heard it, it would go in one ear and out the other.

Now I understand why some fellow practitioner who do the three things very well pass away suddenly. All other fellow practitioners are shocked because that practitioner was very diligent in cultivation and did a lot. A practitioner with supernormal abilities may know the reason why that practitioner passed, but it was too late.

There are more general situations around us: some fellow practitioners study the Fa every day without any enlightenment; some do the three things but still have disasters; some participate in group Fa study every time without more understanding. Some practitioners want to recover from illness karma quickly by sending forth righteous thoughts every day to deny the old force’s arrangements. They distribute truth clarification materials as soon as they get them and double practice time after lots of Fa study. However, they never think about saving people but only think about their karma and their consummation. They have excuses such as “people were in the midst of delusion” or “people were hard to save”. Such selfishness was a big attachment. Ultimately, this attachment was hidden so deeply.

Practitioners are walking the divine path. This protected attachment is even deadlier. It always manipulates you because you do not want to eliminate it. However, nobody else knows about it. It is the most dangerous. To what are we attached? Is it worth it? We should not ruin our path!

Master wants us to cultivate to the righteous enlightenment of unselfishness and gave us a broad axe to cut the mountain. Selfishness is the root of all evil. Eliminating selfishness means eliminating lots of attachments. Selfishness is a factor from the old universe. How could we disintegrate the old forces with selfishness? We can get out of trouble if we truly think about others. Practitioners who can step out of selfishness will be able to truly negate the interference from the old forces and open a way for all beings by overcoming all obstacles.

You should expose your selfishness as long as you are a Dafa disciple. If you feel shameful or afraid of being accused, you are treating selfishness as your own, and it would ruin you. Please dig up your selfishness and eliminate those untouchable attachments. They will ruin you if you are a practitioner. They are more dangerous for beings who are awaiting salvation.


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