Do You Dare to Follow Master?

A Dafa Disciple in Western U.S.

PureInsight | December 24, 2021

[] Shen Yun, a project of saving sentient beings, is directly guided by Master. It helps create opportunities for disciples to practice cultivation. Every time I participated in Shen Yun promotion, I could find out my flaws through Master’s hint. If we treasure this opportunity to work hard on our heart, we can have a breakthrough.

One day, my fellow practitioner and I gave out Shen Yun leaflets. As every time we had to spend a whole day, I carried a backpack with food and water in it. Also, I carried a bag full of Shen Yun flyers in my hands. Due to the hot weather, I put a bottle of water in my bag. At this time, a thought popped up in my mind: The water won't leak out, right? “It’s okay if it leaks” was the reply. I didn't think about this too much; I just remembered to straighten the bottle and tighten the lid at any time.

When we gave out Epoch Times Newspaper in the afternoon, I totally forgot the water. When I went back home, I found that some water leaked from my bag. Fortunately, I put lots of paper towel in my bag that day, which absorbed most water. I opened the flyers one by one and checked them. Two flyers could no longer serve the purpose of saving people. I felt extremely distressed and blamed myself. I knew this was my true self. However, where was the notion “It will not matter if the water leaks” originally from?

Master said in Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A., “When a person himself doesn't have righteous thoughts, all the bad things in the cosmos, or in the Three Realms, will flow around continually in the human body, and even when they stay there the person doesn't realize it. That's how people are manipulated; in other words, they manipulate people when these particles are able to connect with each other.”

I was alert to some of my significant attachments. But I did not track down the thoughts which came from other dimensions. Because we cultivate our main spirit, we should take this issue seriously. After I drew this lesson, I began to review every idea of mine earnestly. For instance, I wanted to sleep longer instead of doing exercises in the early morning. Did this idea come from the original self? When I felt tired in sitting meditation, I wanted to relax my legs and take a break. When it was about to make phone calls to China, I felt nervous and scared. Were all these thoughts from the true self?

After practicing this way for a period of time, my main consciousness became stronger and stronger, with my divine nature reviving. I used to read literary works: a great God came to the human world to experience disasters, with his magical powers locked. And anyone could bully him. I felt sad about this. In the past, we were exceptionally courageous to come to this mortal world, with our true nature being locked. But our purpose is to assist Master in Fa-rectification. Master said in Fa Teaching Given at the 2015 New York Fa Conference, “Clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings are what you need to accomplish. There is nothing else for you to accomplish. There is nothing else in this world that you need to accomplish.”

Probably because I had been on the right track of cultivation, Master gave me further hints of practice. Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Eating meat or not is not itself the purpose—the key is to give up that attachment.” I spent too much time working on not eating meat, which was a human desire. My prior understanding was that not eating meat was to practice cultivation, which was wrong.

Throughout our practice, we need to make choices. Have we chosen to cultivate into Buddhahood or to be mankind? We’ll be chosen by the Fa of different levels in the universe. The issue of eating meat is a kind of human mindset, whilst a divine thought should conform to “Having heard the Dao in the morning, one can die in the evening.” It was such a fortune to obtain the Fa, while what a pity it is to pass by. Every sentence taught by Master has boundless connotations. There’re no shortcuts in cultivation practice. Only when we do well in primary school students’ assignments, can Master tell us the principles of high school. On successful completion of high school, Master will teach us how to study in a university.

In my childhood, I could utilize the theorem to solve the maths exercises, regardless of the various types. As for a cultivator, if we can learn Master’s Fa teaching thoroughly, we can avoid many detours. I was unaware about how to practice cultivation for long periods of time. Sometimes though I really knew that I had been involved in an ordeal, I rejected to take the exam. I was affected by human notion, “I felt irritated, so I could ignore that. But let’s finish off the quarrel this time and I can face the test next time.”

I gradually absorbed Master’s Fa teaching. Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Particularly for a practitioner, in the course of cultivation practice you are given some tribulations at each different level. They all come from your own karma and are your own tribulations, which are placed at different levels for you to upgrade yourself.” My suffering was repaying a karmic debt. But Master did not add any extra tribulations to my cultivation and took on so much of my karma. If I could not do well in xinxing tests, was I worthy of Master’s salvation? Then I gradually felt sorry for people who hurt me and had my resentment dispelled. Master said in Enlightenment from Essentials for Further Advancement, “Their karma is so much that it has enveloped their bodies and sealed off their wisdom; their original nature is gone.” You gave me such precious De (virtue) at the expense of my karma. Thus, you may be unable to go back to your original place. This will prove to be a tragedy. Then I’ve decided to not give people chances to hurt me, so that they could safeguard their De.

In the course of cultivation, I came to understand as the Fa has different standards for beings at different levels, and the higher-level beings are pure and holy. If you want to cultivate into a higher-level being, isn't it a certainty to remove the bad things? When my understanding of the Fa deepened, I was able to use a tranquil mind to look at my attachments instead of being manipulated by the attachments. Master said in Teachings at the Conference in the Western U.S., “In the past, there was a cultivator of the Dao walking on the street while drinking. He suddenly saw someone. This person was just who he had been looking for—someone who could cultivate the Dao. So he wanted to save this person and take him as his disciple. He asked this person, ‘Do you want to follow me to cultivate the Dao?’ This person’s enlightenment quality and inborn quality were very good, and he said, ‘I do.’ ‘Do you dare to follow me?’ the cultivator asked. The person replied, ‘Yes, I do!’ ‘Do you dare to follow me wherever I go?’ he then asked. ‘Yes,’ was the reply. The cultivator then said, ‘Okay. Now follow me!’”

In the course of cultivation, we are in the face of an issue, “Do we dare to follow Master?” We’ll be asked to reply to this question when tribulations are manifested in various forms. Take sickness karma for an example. If you think you fall ill, you will be unable to have the karma dispelled. This is because you’ve chosen to be an everyday person without physical discomfort. However, ordinary people are subject to the principles of birth, aging, sickness and death. Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Usually, a great enlightened person does not casually interfere with the principles of everyday people. The higher a great enlightened person’s level is, the less he or she would bother to interfere with the principles of everyday people, not even a bit.” When we try to remove our attachment to sickness karma, are we truly cultivating Dafa? In fact, we need to answer this question, “Do we dare to follow Master?” When we dare to go with Master, our divine thoughts are generated. Divine beings will not be subject to principles of human world. When we need to overcome the tribulation of sentimentality, we should think about this issue: Have we chosen to be someone’s households or Master’s disciples? It’s the compassionate Master who has offered us lots of time to find out our problems!

Cultivation practice does not look complicated. It turns out to be simple when we meet Master’s requirement. If anything that are not aligned with the Fa, we should have ourselves rectified with guidance of the Fa.

Please kindly point out anything that do not conform to the Fa.

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