The Greatness of Our Master – Some of My Feelings

Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | August 5, 2002

After reading the article, "Do Not Say that Our Mercy is Somehow Lacking" (, I believe that every Dafa disciple was moved by the incomparable brilliance and might of our Master. Two personal experiences have made me truly feel the greatness of another aspect of our Master.

One evening, everything was tranquil and I was very clear and aware, when suddenly, my whole body was enveloped by an incomparably powerful energy field, as if I was already beyond this dimension. While under the power of the energy field, I felt that messages and thoughts from other dimensions kept hitting my mind. I suddenly realized that Master has put enormous energy and heart into every Dafa disciple. It is something that cannot be described with our current human imagination. When the real truth is finally seen, every one of us will be deeply shaken by Master's immense benevolence, to the point where our hearts almost could not handle it. That immense benevolence is present everywhere. Unstoppable tears covered my face.

Another day I suddenly realized a principle: everything I used to deem in the past as right was actually wrong. It was the understanding of a person lost in the human maze. It was then that I realized why Master taught us to be compassionate to sentient beings. I felt that Master devoted so much energy and endured so many tribulations just to set up numerous opportunities for me to understand the Fa-principles. However, I still did not enlighten to it after all this time, making Master worry about me endlessly. Although I cannot see Master, he is always present by my side, leading and directing me. It's a shame that I did not enlighten to it after all this time. I feel like a bad kid who doesn't know anything, is irresponsible, won't listen, is abnormal, and doesn't care about his actions. Seeing this disobedient kid who won't listen, who always makes mistakes and has poor enlightenment quality, Master is just like a compassionate and calm father. He never abandoned me, and has provided me with a space full of love and protection. He always patiently sparks my enlightenment, guiding me towards the right road.

There are more than one hundred million Dafa disciples practicing cultivation. How much has Master already endured? How much has he sacrificed?

Although we all know that Master endures tremendously for us and places great hope in us, why, in the face of demons, do some people (including me) still hold onto attachments and not let go? What can we not let go of?

These are just some of my thoughts. If there is anything inappropriate, I hope my fellow disciples will please point it out.

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