Creating Art and Cultivation

Dafa Disciple in Mainland Chin

PureInsight | June 30, 2003

[] The culture that the gods left for humans also contained standards for how to behave as a human being. Anything that doesn't meet the standard isn't a human thing. In the deviant modern society, art has also become extremely deviant. In today's art schools, many professors teach students the deviant modern art. It is very difficult for people to distinguish what is deviant art and what is true human art. Professional artists are frequently enveloped by it and unable to rise above it. They are unconsciously constrained by all kinds of notions.

One of the most important things that distinguishes a Dafa disciple who is cultivating from an ordinary person is that the former uses the Fa to evaluate everything, searches inward to find all kinds of things in himself that don't conform to the Fa, and then eliminates them. When we aren't attached to the art itself, we will be able to create very beautiful art. I know a husband and a wife who are both Dafa disciples. The husband is a professional artist, and the wife received her degree in a foreign language. In order to validate the Fa, they took on the task of designing fact-clarifying materials for an entire region. Sometimes, when the husbands gets too busy, the wife jumps in and helps with the design layout. At the beginning, she didn't even know how to use a computer. But she began to learn everything from ground zero, and soon mastered all the techniques. Her designs are sometimes so good that her husband, who is the professional, has to admit that he couldn't have done as well.

I feel that it is very important for us to eliminate our old notions. For a Dafa disciple, the course of creating a piece of artwork is also a process of rectifying oneself.

I am not a professional artist. I just wanted to share my thoughts here. If it contains anything inappropriate, I ask fellow practitioners to kindly point it out to me.

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