Signs of Cosmic Changes in the Human Realm: Bizarre Spate of Self-Exploding Toads

Yu Wenlong

PureInsight | May 2, 2005

[] Editors' Note: The Chinese people traditionally believe that, when a ruler lives by and rules with morality, his country and his people will live in prosperity, peace and stability. On the other hand, when a ruler fails to live by and rules with morality, his people's morality will also decline and the whole country will be undermined by natural and man-made disasters. In addition, strange phenomena, such as shooting stars and animals' unnatural or unseasonable behaviors, will appear as harbingers of looming enormous changes in the human realm. We have collected news of strange phenomena for your information.

According to AFP's report from Berlin, "Hundreds of toads have met a bizarre and sinister end in Germany in recent days, it was reported Saturday [April 23]: they exploded. According to reports from animal welfare workers and veterinarians as many as a thousand of the amphibians have perished after their bodies swelled to bursting point and their entrails were propelled for up to a meter." [1]

"It is like 'a science fiction film,' according to Werner Smolnik of a nature protection society in the northern city of Hamburg, where the phenomenon of the exploding toad has been observed. 'You see the animals crawling on the ground, swelling and then exploding.' He said the bodies of the toads expanded to three and a half times their normal size." [1]

"'I have never seen such a thing,' said veterinarian Otto Horst. So bad has the death toll been that the lake in Hamburg has been dubbed 'the pond of death.'" [1]

"Access to it has been sealed off and every night a biologist visits it between 2am and 3am, which appears to be peak time for batrachians to go bang." [1]

Lately, there have been reports from around the world that indicate people have been particularly active in eliminating toads and frogs.

According to a BBC News report on April 11, 2005, [2] [the population of] cane toads has exploded and they're advancing up to 50km (30 miles) every year. In March 2005, "they reached the outskirts of Darwin. Fresh water crocodiles, dingoes and kangaroos have died after eating their highly toxic skins." [2]

An Australian MP named David Tollner has urged people to kill cane toads, a poisonous type of amphibian, with cricket bats and gulf clubs to prevent further spread of cane toads in the country's Northern Territory. Animal welfare groups recommended putting cane toads into a freezer until they die as a more humane way to kill the toads. The Northern Territory government has launched a campaign to find better ways to catch cane toads. Nevertheless, Australians have determined to win the battle with these deadly pests.

According to a Chinese report at (or Hus Shang Morning News) on April 13, 2005, [3] villagers in China's Xiaozhaimen Town, Liaozhong County, Liaoning Province, are now engaged in a frenzy of digging hibernating frogs out of the earth. They string the frogs with wires and air-dry them before making oil out of them. The local frog population is facing an immediate threat of extinction.

There has been a rumor that Jiang Zemin, whose have slaughtered numerous Falun Gong practitioners, is a toad reincarnated. Whether or not this rumor is true, Jiang Zemin now faces over a dozen lawsuits worldwide for his genocide, torture and crimes of humanities against Falun Gong practitioners. When a lawsuit was filed against Jiang Zemin in Japan, the attorney representing Falun Gong practitioners in Japan said to Falun Gong practitioners, "What you are doing is a great deed, so we must expedite the lawsuit to allow the Japanese people to understand the truth about Jiang Zemin's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners." The attorney has even volunteered to represent Falun Gong practitioners in their lawsuit against Jiang Zemin for free.

There is a Chinese saying, "Everyone will want to kill a rat when he sees one on the street." It appears that now not only do people around the world want to eradicate toads, but the toads are now also killing themselves. Many Chinese and western prophesies have foretold a disaster targeting depraved people. Perhaps these strange phenomena related to the eradication of toads and frogs truly are a prelude to the foretold disaster targeted against the depraved people.

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