Take the Opportunity of the Eutelsat Incident to Clarify the Truth to the Business World

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PureInsight | June 6, 2005

[PureInsight.org] During the past several years, we have been conducting extensive and in-depth truth clarification activities to people in various sectors in the society, especially to government officials, human rights organizations, and NGO's (non-governmental organizations). We have also made big effort to clarify the truth to the media, and the majority of the media outlets know who we are. Very few of media outlets are not aware of the truth. Since they do know the truth, whether to report on us or not is their own choice. As to the business community, it seems that we have never had a good way to approach them and clarify the truth to them. Businessmen are busying with making money, and their eyes are focused on the rise and fall of the stock markets. It is very difficult to make them shift their attention to the persecution of Falun Gong in China. We really do not have much common language with them. Then how can we save them?

After NTDTV encountered problems with their satellite contract with Eutelsat, I just happened to look up some information on Eutelsat on the Internet. After a few hours of searching online, I feel enlightened suddenly. It seems that a long-locked door had opened. This door is the western financial and economical world. Eutelsat is connected with this world very extensively and in many aspects. Almost all the stock-trading, financial and economical sectors are connected to Eutelsat directly or indirectly. The following are just a few examples of such relationships:

1. The relationship between Eutelsat and the stock market

Eutelsat is actively trying to list their stock on the stock market. Many people who are involved with the stock market are following the activities of Eutelsat and their important decisions. Those people include financial analysts, stock brokers, stock market regulators (who determine whether to allow Eutelsat become a publicly traded company), and journalists who follow the financial and economic sectors..

2. The relationship between Eutelsat and investment banks

Most of the current stockholders of Eutelsat are big-name investment banking firms all over the world. They are almost all publicly-traded companies that control the coming and going of hundreds of billions dollars. Each investment bank has hundreds or thousands of financial analysts, and they have branches all over the word. Even those investment banks that are not current stockholders of Eutelsat still do pay attention to the development of Eutelsat because they might invest in Eutelsat in the future.

Recently, it is reported that in order to qualify Eutelsat for listing on the stock market, its major stockholders have worked with several large banks and invested several billion euros into Eutelsat. These large banks include the Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase. All the major banks in the world should know about Eutelsat, and should be interested in information related to Eutelsat.

3. The clients of Eutelsat

The client base of Eutelsat is extremely broad. A quick internet search showed that many publicly-traded large corporations, telecommunication companies such as Qualcomm and the European Broadcasting Union, and governmental organizations (include the US government) are among Eutelsat's clients. Almost all the mobile phone carriers, satellite service providers, Internet service providers, and radio stations are clients or potential clients of Eutelsat. They would be happy to know more about the contract dispute between Eutelsat and NTDTV.

4. The Satellite Industry

NTDTV has been discriminated against or rejected by virtually the entire satellite industry. In the past, NTDTV contacted many satellite companies that have the ability to broadcast to Asia, and almost of them refused to do business with NTDTV. Despite NTDTV's opposition, one company who had a contract with NTDTV even encrypted the satellite signal of NTDTV in Asia for a year, making it virtually impossible for viewers to receive the signal of NTDTV in Asia. It not only damaged NTDTV's reputation, it also caused irreparable losses to the development of NTDTV. When the company was questioned by Asian viewers why it encrypted NTDTV's satellite signals, it told the viewers to go to NTDTV for explanation. We should take the dispute with Eutelsat as an opportunity to clarify the truth to the global satellite industry, and make them understand the truth on a variety of issues, including the Chinese Communist Party and the Nine Commentaries, Quitting the CCP, and Falun Gong.

Gong back to the original topic, let's talk about how we can clarify truth to the business community. As mentioned above, many companies, professional organizations and individuals are interested in the activities and developments concerning Eutelsat. We must not miss the opportunity to let them know about what has happened between NTDTV and Eutelsat, and at the same time expose the evil conduct of the CCP. In one night, I sent more than 100 emails to the Chairmen and Boards of Directors of large investment companies that are major Eutelsat shareholders. One director replied to my email. He thanked me very much for my letter. He said that he had forwarded my email to two employees in the company who are in charge of the business with Eutelsat, and tell them to look into the matter.

By the way, I'd like to share a small trick on finding the email addresses of high-ranking officials in various companies. Their email addresses are usually not published. But the format of email addresses of people who work in the same company is generally the same. For example, if the website of the company is www.xxx.com, you may google "@xxx.com." If you find the email address of one person who works in one company, just follow the same rule and you should be able to guess the email address of another person who works in the same company.

I hope every one of us will get active and using this opportunity to clarify the truth to the business community. If we miss this opportunity, it might not come again.

In addition, we should pay attention to major activities of the financial sector, such as important annual shareholder meetings. If a meeting is related to the satellite industry, we can hold activities outside and clarify the truth to high-ranking officials in the financial sector face-to-face.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2005/5/26/32501.html

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