Sujiatun Concentration Camp Shows that the Persecution of Falun Gong is the Worst Persecution in History

Suman Srinivasan

PureInsight | March 19, 2006

[]  For
years, people who have followed the persecution of Falun Gong in
mainland China have not understood why the persecution is the worst in
all of human history. Even those who are very supportive of Falun Gong
practitioners do not understand this issue.

However, the revealing of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp in Shenyang
has finally laid bare the complete evilness of the persecution. The
details that are emerging show that this is no ordinary persecution:
the disregard for human life and Falun Gong practitioners by the
Communist Party is surely the most cruel and inhumane in all of history.

For a minute, let us look back at Auschwitz, the mere mention of which
brings up terror in people's hearts. Built starting in 1940, the
Auschwitz labor and extermination camps were a major component of the
Holocaust. It is estimated that around 1.1 to 1.6 million people were
killed in Auschwitz, 90% of whom were Jews. In these killings, many of
those to be killed were told that they were going to a shower but, once
sealed in a room, they were killed by poison gas.

When the Allies and the world first learn of Auschwitz in 1941-1944,
the reports were mostly dismissed as exaggerations. It was only towards
the end of the war that the horrors of Auschwitz were revealed.

Today, the Sujiatun Death Camp shows that the CCP has gone far beyond
the wickedness of the Nazis in perpetrating this enormous crime on
Falun Gong practitioners.

Further, while the Nazis killed people by subjecting them to poison
gas, Sujiatun has unveiled the worst of human nature in the following

-    The prisoners are
taken from the worst labor camps in China, such as Shenyang or Masanjia
Labor Camp, where they have already been tortured severely. In some
cases, corneas in their eyes have been removed!

-    Their organs are then harvested, even as they are alive.

-    Once the organs are removed, the prisoners are
thrown into an incinerator to be killed so as to destroy the evidence,
often while the prisoners are still alive!

Truly, the persecution of Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party is
the worst in human history, and the Sujiatun Death Camp reveals only
the tip of the iceberg.

As more details about this heinous place come out, a place that seems
to have come out straight from Hell, the international community and
kind-hearted people are watching in horror. Reports from a witness who
formerly worked in Liaoning Province indicate that the number of people
killed in the Sujiatun camp is more than 4000 - far more than the
number of murdered practitioners currently reported on ClearWisdom Net.

Heaven and Earth are watching as the truth about Sujiatun emerges in
more horrifying detail. No one who has been involved in this
unspeakable crime will be able to escape punishment from Heaven.

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