Consciously Pay Attention to the Importance of Internet Security

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in Taiwan

PureInsight | July 9, 2006

[] Teacher said in Zhuan Falun,
"How many qigong practitioners throughout the country have possessing
spirits or animals behind their bodies? If I reveal the number, many
people will be too scared to practice qigong." I came to understand
that the computer Trojans or viruses act like possessing spirits or
animals behind the computers, which severely interfere with our
truth-clarification. If we take good care of the security
configurations of our computers today, it is like eliminating that bad
stuff in other dimensions. As our Fa is implemented, the cleaner our
computers are, the more powerful they will be, and the more people can
be saved. In that case, how much longer should we wait before taking
steps to fix our computers?

Now many Dafa projects have to rely on computers to do the job of
keeping contact lists of practitioners or planning for major
activities. If our negligence causes the name lists or plans for saving
sentient beings to be stolen or interfered with by evil, we might bring
danger to the lives of practitioners, cause damage to Dafa work, and
otherwise affect the Fa-rectification progress. Let us ask ourselves,
if that happens,  who should be responsible?

Some fellow practitioners on the internet team have been taking the
initiative to search for safe and easy ways to use the internet. They
work day and night without rest.  As a matter of fact, everyone
knows that it is not something that only needs to be done well by
practitioners on the internet team, but instead it is something that
each and every Dafa practitioner has to do well. But the internet team
has encountered difficulties in implementing the steps that they
proposed. It is not a result of lack of technique, but lack of
knowledge or attention by some fellow practitioners. I'll give some
examples next.

Some practitioners felt they understood it after attending the workshop
but then stopped coming any more and their computers are still not
taken care of in terms of security configuration. Some practitioners
thought they wouldn't understand it anyhow so they didn't attend the
workshop, thinking they would leave it to practitioners who have the
technical skills to help them with it. So they handed the problem to
practitioners with technology skills and didn't realize they should
take care of the problem themselves.

If we all have such attitudes and fail to realize that we should take
care of this issue ourselves, then isn't it the same as handing our
attachments to Teacher and letting Teacher undertake the suffering for
us? If not just a couple of us think this way, but many of us think
this way, then practitioners with technical skills not only have to
take care of their own share, but also have to take care of all other
practitioners' shares. Tell me, who can bear so much workload? If the
practitioner with technical skills suffers interference caused by our
thoughts like this, then did we do it right or wrong?

A practitioner in China has published an article titled "From Hoe to
Mouse." Many practitioners at the sites that produce truth clarifying
material in Mainland China didn't know how to use computers at the
beginning. Yet, without any outside help, they have learnt how to use
computers in a very short time and taken the initiative to supply the
truth-clarification materials and maintain the equipment at the sites.
Teacher said in Zhuan Falun,
"... 'When one's Buddha-nature emerges, it will shake 'the world of ten
directions.'' Whoever sees it will come to give a hand and help this
person out unconditionally." According to my personal understanding,
the reason why these fellow practitioners were able to gain such great
ability is because the practitioners have made a wish and their thought
of doing it well regardless of how much difficulty there is changed

Upon encountering problems, we should treat them with a cultivator's
righteous thoughts and have the determination to overcome it. As soon
as we remove our mentality of fear and upgrade our xinxing,
we will be given wisdom that will further help us solve the problems.
It won't do if we merely rely on sending forth righteous thoughts or
reminding ourselves to have righteous thoughts in speech, but fail to
face the problems with a determination of getting rid of our
fundamental attachments.

Think about it everyone, practitioners who have technical skills are
also cultivators, they have their own families and jobs, need to study
the Fa and practice the exercises, and harmonize everything around
them. The number of such practitioners is very few to begin with. For
instance, as far as I know, in one area, one practitioner has been
providing computer support to nearly 70 computers for a long time. If
our fellow practitioners do not pay attention to internet security,
think about how much effort and time this practitioner has to put in,
how much Fa-study this practitioner has sacrificed, and how many times
this practitioner has to explain to his/her family members to gain
their understanding?

Teacher has been telling us in the Fa to consider others first. Are we
going to attain the righteous Enlightenment of selflessness and
altruism, or face problems in our cultivation practice based on
selfishness? Allow me to sincerely remind everyone that we are
practicing cultivation ourselves instead of merely helping others to
practice cultivation. One cannot achieve consummation without finishing
cultivating oneself.

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