Thoughts on the Anniversary of the Heavenly Majesty Tang Drum Troupe

A Dafa Disciple in Pingdong, Taiwan

PureInsight | July 9, 2006


Drumming for me is coordination between individual and group
cultivation.  I shouldn't have the mentality of emphasizing
myself.  When my drum beats are not in sync with my movements, our
group performance is affected.  Only when we are unified we
display maximum power and win applause from the audience.


Parade in Hong Kong in support of 10 million quitting the Chinese Communist Party

Drumming makes me realize the importance of group coordination. 
The direct result of bad coordination is delaying of Dafa projects,
delaying of rescue of fellow practitioners illegally detained in labor
camps, prisons, detention centers, and brainwash classes.  On
March 18, it was exposed that six thousand Dafa disciples were detained
in a secret concentration camp.  Their organs were taken out for
organ transplants while they were still alive.  Their remains were
thrown into the incinerator to destroy the evidence.  Recently,
the number of organ transplantations in different hospitals in Mainland
China is increasing.  Changsha Hospital in Hunan Province even
offered free kidney and liver transplants.  Where did the organs
come from?  Usually matching organs are difficult to obtain. 
It takes a matter of years to get a matching organ. 
However, today's mainland China organ transplants have organ sources
readily available.  The life of Dafa disciples is in danger at all
times.  How could we not actively expose the evil with truth
clarification and rescue fellow practitioners who are being persecuted?

Let me come back to the topic of drumming.  I had wanted to quit
the troupe at one point.  I was not good at it.  I don't have
a good sense of beats.  I can practice to improve my skills. 
However, conflicts due to different opinions and disorganized
coordination affected me.  I saw gaps between practitioners. 
My xinxing loophole was taken advantage of.  I wanted to quit.

Then I thought of how I initially joined the troupe.  In order to
have Fa instruments to validate the Fa in big parades, more than 60
practitioners formed the Tang Drum Troupe.  Team members ranged
from 6 to 70 years old.  The majority of them were female. 
They were from all walks of life.  Every time during the practice,
we read Zhuan Falun for half an hour.  We practiced basic skills
step-by-step to form one body.  Then our activities
expanded.  For example, a performance to push for ticket sales for
the Taizhong and Gaoxiong New Tang Dynasty Television New Year Gala and
a performance in support of people quitting the Chinese Communist
Party.  Due to lack of sharing and Fa study, we couldn't balance
our manpower with the demand for performances.  Some thought that
performing overseas was more important than performing in Taiwan. 
Isn't this an attachment?  I think that both performing overseas
and performing in Taiwan are validating the Fa.  They both play
the role of intimidating the evil.


The first performance in Taizhong Park in support of quitting the Chinese Communist Party


The Performance at the Event Announceing the 2006 New Tang Dynasty

Television Chinese New Year Gala at the Gaoxiong Town Hall

Resolving conflicts doesn't happen from one or several people's
efforts.  It takes understanding of one body and all
practitioners' facing issues with righteous thoughts.  My
attachment was affected so I wanted to quit the troupe.  However,
I didn't realize that my compassionate Master was helping me improve by
utilizing emerging conflicts.  I wanted to quit because I wanted
to avoid conflicts.  Isn't cultivation when I realize that I am
wrong?  Isn't this meant for our improvement?  Can I resolve
conflicts by quitting?  Have I fulfilled my vow to Master? 
Have I been responsible for the Fa?  I asked myself.  Then I
shared with two assistants in Pingdong after studying the Fa and
purifying myself.  After sharing, we came up with the same
answer:  one body communication and coordination prior to each
performance.  Even if we perform with only a few drums.  Our
people, heart and drums will form a one body.  Coordinated heart
and movements will produce the power of the Tang Drum Fa
instrument.  The drum beats penetrate the sky and intimidate the


Performance in Jinmen in support of 5 million quitting the Chinese Communist Party



Performance at the Tianxing Dock, Hong Kong, in support of 10 million quitting the Chinese Communist Party

I believe that all practitioners in the Pingdong Heavenly Majesty Tang
Drum Troupe have improved through Fa study and sharing in the past
year.  During the year, we have experienced many activities such
as performances in support of quitting the Chinese Communist Party in
Taizhong, Jinmen, Taipei and Hong Kong.  Our coordination will
advance as we study the Fa, send righteous thoughts, practice basic
skills, and form one body of people, heart and drums.  In this
way, we can definitely validate the Fa with better performances. 
I hope we will all advance diligently.

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