Our Exercise Site: Neili Elementary School in Zhongli City

A Taiwanese Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | October 6, 2006

The Neili region in Taoyuan county, Taiwan is not very big. There are a
total of 8 exercise sites. One of them is located at the Neili
Elementary School in Zhongli City of Taoyuan county. This site was
established in 2000. Right now more than ten practitioners come to this
site regularly to do exercises. The actual exercise location is at the
stage of a small outdoor theater inside the Neili elementary school.
This stage has excellent open view. Almost everyone who comes to do the
school to do exercises in the morning can see this stage. The practice
time starts at 4:50AM every morning. In addition, practitioners also
utilize the weekend time to have group Fa study and experience sharing
after they finish the exercises.

There are three elderly Grandmas at this site. One of them is a 66
year-old lady whose last name is Gu. Everyday you can see her coming on
a bike to the site to do the exercises. I still remember how she looked
when she first started to learn the exercises -she was sweating all
over her body and it was painful for her to fold her legs in the
double-lotus position. Now she can easily fold her legs in the
double-lotus position. Another elderly lady named Ms. Fu is very
warm-hearted. Before she started to practice Falun Gong, her voice was
low and weak when she talked to others. Now she is a person with a lot
of energy and a booming voice. It is hard to tell that she is over 60.
She has traveled abroad to attend Dafa activities many times, including
a long stay in Manhattan to support the torture exhibit there. Another
elderly lady is called Ms. Cai. She owns and operates a hair salon. She
also has to take care of two grandsons everyday. But her busy schedule
doesn't prevent her from being diligent in her cultivation. Sometimes
after the exercises she stays longer by herself and takes the precious
time to study Fa. She also tries to find time to participate in the
phone team and make calls to Mainland China to clarify the truth.  

Four practitioners at the exercise site are teachers or retired
teachers. One of them is Ms. Luo. She is a retired teacher from the
Neili elementary school. She had introduced Falun Gong to her school,
students and their parents and other fellow teachers before she
retired. Now she is the volunteer contact person at the site. She comes
to the site to do the exercises almost everyday. She also carefully
corrects fellow practitioners' exercise movements. She encourages and
cares about the cultivation status of other practitioners. Three
practitioners at the site teach at a nearby high school. Among them,
Ms. Ou is a veteran practitioner. Before she started her cultivation,
she was very ill and used the government-sponsored medical insurance
program all the time. At that time her arms were so weak that she
couldn't even hold a kitchen knife. After she started to practice Falun
Gong, she became very healthy and no longer needs to see any
traditional Chinese or western medicine doctors. She now focuses her
efforts on coordinating the activities of spreading Fa and truth
clarification and help other practitioners with their cultivation.

Ms. Tang used her leisure time to teach students at the local Minghui
school to play waist drums or sing songs. Her husband who doesn't
practice Falun Gong supports her and their three children to practice
Falun Gong. Thus the family of five often appears at various Dafa
activities. Ms. Huang and her husband started to cultivate together
with her mother-in-law after they got married. Now her child is also a
young practitioner. With three generations of Falun Gong practitioners
in the same family, her family shows that the cultivation of Falun Gong
is no different between elderly people and young kids.

There are two other couples at this site. Mr. and Mrs. Tang were
practicing another type of Qigong when the wife wad diagnosed with
colon cancer. Due to her predestined relationship with Dafa, she became
a Falun Gong practitioner. After she started to cultivate Falun Gong,
her illness completely disappeared. Their son and daughter have also
started to practice. Her daughter's asthma went away after she started
to practice Falun Gong. The family of four is very grateful to Falun
Gong for giving the family a new chance at life. So they often appear
at many big or small Dafa events. Mr. and Mrs. Zhou are a young couple.
Since they started to practice Falun Gong, they often volunteer to
solve computer problems for other practitioners who use the computers
to clarify the truth.   

Another practitioner is called Lin and he is a chef. He works in
shifts. Sometimes he works all night and rushes to the practice site in
the morning to do the exercises after work. Sometimes he drives fellow
practitioners at the site to attend experience sharing or other
activities after only getting a couple of hours of sleep. He only wears
a short-sleeve shirt even in the winter and never feels cold.

Another practitioner at the site is Ms. Zhou. She is a head nurse. She
obtained Dafa two years ago. Before that, she had cultivated other
schools of Buddhism for more than 10 years. Even though she had tried
very hard to cultivate in the other Buddhist schools, she felt very
lost and couldn't see the truth. She participated in a lot of different
events and gave generously. But she felt her understanding of the
Buddhist scriptures had never improved over the years, and she still
couldn't maintain a peaceful mind when she meditated. The only thing
that she realized was that she should cultivate herself in her everyday
life. In July of 2004, a friend recommended Zhuan Falun
to her. After she read through the whole book, she came to understand
what the truly essentials things in cultivation are. She felt Master's
mercy. When she read the section in Zhuan Falun
on "Pure and Calm Mind," she was even more moved because Master was
able to use a few simple and concise words to explain the puzzle that
had troubled her for a long time. She also liked the fact that Falun
Gong is taught free of charge, and there is no worship of the Master.
Later she participated in the nine day videotaped lecture class by
Master Li in October of the same year. During the class, she came to
understand the compassion and magnificence of Master Li even more. She
was amazed by how Master was able to expound upon endless Buddha Fa
with just a piece of paper in his hand outlining his lecture. In
addition, because Falun Gong puts emphasis on true cultivation of xinxing, she became more convinced that Falun Gong is the real path and has persisted in the cultivation of Falun Dafa since then.

On the morning of August 14, a new practitioner joined the exercise
site. She is a teacher at the Neilli Elementary School who had just
finished the Summer Teacher's forum in July this year. She showed up to
the morning exercises on time, and her movements were very accurate.
Fellow practitioners at the site encouraged her and shared with her the
benefits of the morning exercises. She indicated that she would return
the next morning. When new practitioners join the site, it is indeed a
pleasant event for the group.

Falun Gong is taught free of charge in many parts of the world. No
matter who the person is, as long as he wants to practice Falun Gong,
we will cherish the opportunity and treat him with sincerity. Since
everyone of us has benefited from cultivation of Dafa, we would like to
tell every friend and family members around us that "Falun Dafa is

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2006/8/16/39561.html

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