Verbally Attacking the Evil Party Is Simply Speaking the Truth

Shan He

PureInsight | October 7, 2006

[] Verbally
attacking the evil communist party might take on the form of "scolding"
on the surface. Calling it "verbally attacking" is acceptable because
our human language really doesn't have a more accurate word to describe
enumerating the crimes committed by the evil communist party. After
searching through the languages of the entire human race as of today,
only the word "verbally attacking" comes closest to describing
enumerating the crimes committed by the communist party.  In
addition, to ordinary people, this kind of enumeration can only be
understood as "verbally attacking."  But in reality, it is to
describe the true nature of the evil party, the despicable evilness of
the evil party, and it won't be considered over the line no matter what
kind of language is used. No matter what kinds of expressions are used
and how one chooses to describe it, everything that one is able to
describe with words won't exceed the degree of evilness of the evil
party. Borrowing Attorney Gao Shisheng's words to describe it, its evil
despicableness only surpasses one's imagination, its evil
despicableness only surpasses how one can explain clearly with words,
and there is no evil despicableness that the evil party is not capable
of committing or hasn't committed already. The degree of the
despicableness that the evil party has committed has already exceeded
the vision and imagination of humankind a long time ago.

Strictly speaking, verbally attacking the evil communist party this
time is not "verbally attacking" at all. It is not the kind of
"verbally attacking" of the past, present and future in both general
terms and in special meanings. If a person points to a toad and calls
it "a toad," not even a person with mental diseases would think, "This
person is verbally attacking the toad." But if the toad is
narrow-minded, maybe it will think "this person is verbally attacking
me."  However, this person is simply speaking the truth.  His
words follow a principle:  truthfulness.

It is the same case with the evil Chinese communist party.  It is
evil in itself.  Calling it evil is to tell the truth and not
cursing. It in itself has the nature of a scoundrel.  Calling it a
scoundrel is not to unleash dirty words but, instead, it is to expose
the truth. It is in itself a mass murderer that is thirsty for blood
and has become deviated. That is a common understanding of every single
Chinese person, which has been buried deep inside the mind of every
individual out of fear and after being deceived by lies. Out of terror,
nobody dares to even think about it.

The evil party has used violence and terror to hammer lies, fake images
and evil deeply into the minds of Chinese people. It is placed so
deeply inside people's consciousness that others can't remove those
things for them. Even the gods cannot do anything.  The only thing
that they can do is to use a chisel made up of the most truthful and
sincere truth to dig out the poisons and degenerate matter of the evil.
This is an opportunity offered by heaven.  The chisel of truthful
words has been granted the Fa power by heaven to dig out the terrifying
evil elements, and it is the greatest opportunity to save the Chinese
people as a whole. During this period of time, every single sentence of
truth that every Chinese person speaks against the evil party will
possess the Fa power to dig out and eliminate the elements of the evil
specter. It is because what they do will conform to a principle:
truthfulness. Let the truth break the lies. This is the beginning of
all Chinese people speaking of the truth!

The Buddha Fa is boundless.  The great Tao takes no form. 
Everything is for saving people.  It is sincerely hoped that
fellow practitioners can see this clearly.

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