Thoughts from Reading "Cultivation of Speech"

A Taiwanese Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | October 8, 2006

[PureInsight. org] When I read the section "Cultivation of Speech" in Zhuan Falun,
recent scenes played back in my mind.  We had conflicts in a
recent group sharing.  Maybe this was not a coincidence.  It
more or less reflected some omissions of our group.  Therefore I
would like to bring it up for the purpose of sharing.

From the perspective of the Fa principles, we clearly see the principle
that righteous and evil, good and bad coexist.  Therefore, it is
very important to tell good from bad and kindness from evil. 
Cultivation of speech is important for cultivators.  Master said
in Zhuan Falun,
"As practitioners, we must measure ourselves with the standard of the
Fa to determine whether we should say certain things. What should be
said will not present a problem if one complies with the xinxing
standard for practitioners according to the Fa. In addition, we must
talk about and spread the Fa, so it is impossible not to talk."

Different levels have different Fa.  We all have different
cultivation paths.  There is no model.  However, Dafa is
all-encompassing.  Dafa Disciples all know that it's inevitable
when people have different opinions.  We can kindly point out
existing problems through sharing and coordination and improve
together.  However, a lot of times a small issue might trigger
omission in our cultivation of speech.  People stick with their
own ideas and use Fa principles to argue for themselves.  Behaving
in such a way does not achieve the purpose of sharing. It only
generates conflicts.  Maybe it is all due to having too strong
sense of self, thinking oneself right and others wrong.  When we
have attachments, we are often unable to look inward based the Fa and
get rid of them.

Master said, "Let me put it this way: If you carry a considerable
amount of energy, whatever you say will have an impact. If something is
not that way, but you have told someone that it is that way, you may
have committed a bad deed." (Zhuan Falun)  "When anything is made absolute, it becomes incorrect."  

I personally think that in many cases when we have conflicts our hearts
have moved first.  Then the old force would take advantage of the
loopholes, and we would end up arguing over trivial matters. Therefore,
we should study the Fa more, cultivate our xinxing more, "treat the Fa
as the Teacher," and evaluate issues with righteous thoughts all the
time.  We need to behave according to
Truth-Compassion-Forbearance.  When we do that, we will be doing
the right things and doing good deeds. We shouldn't casually impose our
thoughts or understanding on other people or draw conclusions too soon
with our own ideas. Misunderstandings usually occur when people's tone,
choice of words and manners are not right.

Good or bad comes out from one thought.  The purer our thoughts
are, the easier they can restrain everything.  How can we be
responsible for ourselves if we still hide attachments and fear in our
heart?  Master said, "What's important for cultivators is
righteous thoughts. When you have strong righteous thoughts, you are
able to withstand anything and do anything."  ("Teaching the Fa in
the City of Los Angeles")

Finally I would like to share Master's Fa in "Teaching the Fa at the
Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students:" "In your cultivation you can't
always look at others. You need to look at yourselves, and cultivate
yourselves. When there's a problem, examine yourself and try to find
the problem on your part. When you see that something is lacking,
figure out how you can do each thing well, keep your thinking right
along the way, and manifest the righteous thoughts and righteous
actions of a Dafa disciple when faced with challenges--now that is
extraordinary. And as a Dafa disciple, that is your validating the Fa
with righteous thoughts, and only then are you truly worthy of being a
Dafa disciple."

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