An Authentic Record of Retribution: Being Reincarnated as a Pig for Generations for Massacring the Inhabitants of a Captured City

Xiao Hui

PureInsight | June 28, 2007

[] Liu Xixuan
was from Suzhou City. One year, he succeeded as a candidate in the
highest imperial examination and took a teaching position at Luling.
Later, he was invited to take another job in Yunnan.

When the vessel he boarded was passing by Guizhou, it stopped by the
postal kiosk for the night. That night, he dreamed about a big tall man
telling him: "I was once a merchant during the Tang dynasty and my
original surname was Zhu. I once passed by a temple and heard a priest
was teaching the Buddhist Forty Two Chapter Sutra. I donated for a
dining hall to serve vegetarian food and I also stayed to listen to one
sutra. Because of this, I served as low-ranking official for many

During the earlier years of the Song dynasty, I was reincarnated as an
assistant general and was given a name of Cao Han. I was ordered to
lead troops to attack Jiangzhou City. I got pretty angry for being
unable to capture the city for a long time. Later when the city was
conquered, I gave an order to massacre the inhabitants of the city.
Since then I have been reincarnated as pig and been slaughtered from
generation to generation. This place you are boarding is where I will
be slaughtered. As we have the predestination to meet, I hope you will
have pity on me and save me."  

When Liu Xixuan woke up from his dream in startle, he ordered his
servant to inquire about the boarding place. His servant soon returned
to report that his place is a slaughterhouse. At just that moment, a
butcher carried a pig through a door. It was screaming piercingly. Liu
Xixuan paid for the pig and took it to Xiyuan to free it. When he
called the pig by Cao Han, it answered to the sound of that name.

Liu Xixuan later wrote this predestined story and published it. He also included it in his Qianzhiou Collection book.  

From: Shijiexian in the Qing Dynasty

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