Negating All Forms of Persecution

A Dafa Disciple Outside of China

PureInsight | May 28, 2007

[] In early
April, when Dafa practitioner Ma Hui and her daughter from Russia were
sent back to China, I was very astonished. On May 13, when Professor
Gao Chuanman was also sent back to China, I was not very moved.
Especially since, when Professor Gao went back to Beijing, he was back
home with his family in the absence of police or national security
officers.  I thought that the situation was not very serious.

For these reasons, I did not do anything about those events but I felt uneasy later.

As a Dafa disciple, I think that we should resist persecution in any
forms. In addition, we should take that as an opportunity to clarify
the truth.  Besides, these practitioners are United Nation
refugees being sent back illegally.

I remember that I read often on the Minghui Net about practitioners in
China being arrested and deceived. Since they were not being physically
abused, I unwillingly went along with the evil deeds. In reality, we
all understand that being illegally arrested is persecution, but
harassment is also persecution. From the ordinary people's logic,
harassment also affects a person's life and work.

Interference also occurs for me, personally. To be honest, my state of
cultivation has not been very good.  From studying the Fa, doing
the exercises, or sending forth righteous thoughts, none of them has
reached an ideal state.  Falling asleep is very common. It also
indicates that there are different degrees of interference, but we take
it as a part of life and slowly accept it.  It becomes worse when
we complain, search for exterior factors, and do not realize the true
nature of these events.

When we cultivate under the guidance of the Fa, we must adhere strictly
to requirements for ourselves. Meanwhile, we need to be clear-headed
and recognize the elements behind the persecution. When we can do that,
then it will be manifested as clarifying the truth and saving sentient
beings on the human side.

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