Removing the Dust Series: The Origin of Dialects

Chiao Lian

PureInsight | May 28, 2007

[] There is a
saying, "A certain kind of soil supports a certain kind of
people."  Even though people from different areas are all one
race, they speak different kinds of dialects. Those dialects belong to
the same language system, but there is a great difference from one to
the other. That is why sometimes people living on opposite sides of the
same mountain speak different dialects. I want to talk about the
reasons here.

We all know that the Chinese language was passed down by the gods for
the purpose of spreading Dafa. Actually, the Chinese language (the
traditional Chinese language and not the one distorted by the Chinese
Communist Party) is also the medium for civilization to continue among
people now and for generations to come.  Since it was passed down
to us by the gods, there is also something similar in Heaven, even
though in different dimensions, it will appear differently. Because the
gods in Heaven are not all alike, their appearances are somewhat
different. For example, some look like human beings and some
don't.  And human beings are made according to the images of the
gods. The difffering characteristics of human beings and other beings
are manifestations of different aspects of the universe's Dafa. In this
way, they are different in their manifestations.  When it is
manifested in this dimension of our human world, it becomes many
different kinds of dialects.

I feel that different gods are responsible for different regions,
rivers, and mountains. Those gods, by-and-large, come from the same
huge celestial system, but they retain their own standards and ways of
expression.  Just like the floor coverings, even from the same
company, each has its own size and color.   That is the
reason why there are so many different dialects, habits, and life

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