The First Falun Dafa Sharing Conference to be Held in Africa: Notification of Ethiopian Fa Conference

PureInsight | August 30, 2007

[] Ethiopia's
calendar is seven years behind the Western calendar. September this
year will be the millennium. There will be a big celebration. Dafa
practitioners will hold a Fa conference in its capital, Addis Ababa, to
promote Dafa. This is a profound and far-reaching activity during the
Fa-Rectification Period: It is the very first Falun Dafa conference to
be held on the African continent.

On May 13, 2004, Ethiopian practitioners gathered together to do group
exercises to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day. Dafa practitioners held a
Falun Dafa banner to express their appreciation. After that, Abrham
Temesgen and other fellow practitioners went to various places in
Ethiopia to sow the seeds of Dafa. Two years later, the Ethiopian Falun
Dafa Association was established. About 150 practitioners in Ethiopia
attended the founding ceremony. In the mean time, Falun Gong was translated into the Amharic language. Ethiopia now has 12 group practice sites. Each site has 2 to 30 practitioners.

The front cover of Falun Gong in Amharic

Dafa practitioners will hold a parade and Fa conference, clarify the
truth, and exhibit in Addis Ababa during the millennium celebration.
Because of years of famine and calamities caused by humans, Ethiopia is
the poorest country in Africa. The average life span of the Eastern
African is 32 years less than that of Western Europeans. Now the
splendor and compassion of Dafa has arrived.

Ethiopia will invite 2500 Chinese guests to attend the millennium
celebration. There are many Chinese residents in Addis Ababa. Ethiopian
practitioners hope to take the opportunity to clarify the truth to
people to a great extent. There will be many distinguished guests from
many countries to attend the celebration. Ethiopian practitioners hope
Dafa practitioners from other countries who can speak English be able
to attend the parade, help clarifying the truth, and attend the African
first Dafa conference to help promote cultivation of Ethiopian

The actitivites and their dates are as follows:

September 12, Celebration Ceremony

September 15, Fa Conference

There will be parade, exhibit, truth clarification on the celebration day, and group study.

Contact information:

Ethiopian Falun Dafa Association

Contact: Abrham Temesgen

P.O. Box 58959

Tel: 251911379038

Addis Ababa


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