Hurry Up and Save Sentient Beings

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | September 9, 2007

[] I did not
plan to tell anybody about this dream because I was too embarrassed and
knew that I was not diligent enough.  Later, I thought about it
and realized that my notion was not right either. At least I should
tell and let others realize that the time is short and saving sentient
being is urgent.

In my dream, I was in a certain place and saw a white pagoda. 
There was a voice telling the local residents," The pagoda is about to
collapse. All the people are going to die and there is no other
choice." However, the residents were mesmerized and thought that it was
an honor to die that way. As a result, they all stopped minding their
business and waited peacefully for the Angel of Death. They acted ad if
they had been in a fool's paradise.  I wanted to go home to my
village because I was concerned about them and did not want to die
together with these foolish people.

I left that place and headed for my hometown with a few others. During
our journey, there were many gates that had guards who did not appear
to be local residents but the lower gods and the gatekeepers.  We
fought our way through each one.

After I got back to our village, I was astonished to find the people
all dressed in white clothes.  They were watching the flag being
raised. I did not see any flag in the dream, but I knew that it was a
bloody flag of the Chinese Communist Party. Just like in the previous
town, people were hallucinating and waiting to die too.

I was very sad and tried to wake them up, but they refused to hear
anything. They were smiling and quietly waiting for death to
come.  Later I met many practitioners and, together, we prepared
the truth-clarifying materials and wanted to go out and post them. In
addition, we planned to shout," Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness,
compassion, and forbearance is good," before we died.

Afterwards, I woke up and I had no idea whether I was either too
anxious or too frightened. We need to hurry up because that we don't
have too much time. In other words, the time for us to save sentient
beings is getter shorter and shorter.

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