The Amazing Little Longlong

Xuan Lian

PureInsight | September 6, 2007

[] Little
Longlong lives with his grandmother because his parents have to work
out of town to make a living. His grandmother has taken care of him
since he was very little. Longlong knew how to double cross his legs
and hold the wheel when he was eight months old.  When he was one
year old, once he crawled into a room and dragged out a little
meditation cushion for a visitor to sit on. One night, Longlong's
grandmother saw a silver Falun in each of Longlong's eyes. She knew
that her little grandson had come to this world to obtain Dafa.

Little Longlong grew to be a healthy little boy with the help of other
practitioners.  One time a practitioner carried him out to post
truth-clarifying materials. When the practitioner was looking around
very cautiously, Longlong was not able to speak at that time and
suddenly blurted out, "Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid!" and he shook
his head and waved his hand at the same time. The practitioner's heart
was immediately filled with righteous thoughts.

When Longlong's grandmother clarified the truth, he listened
quietly.  If his grandmother forgot to say something, he would add
it.  Before they finished with the truth clarifying, he would say,
"Please don't forget!" or "Please remember!"  Sometimes he went
back to the village with his grandmother and he would teach other
little children to say, "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance is
good." One time, when a little kid hit him, he cried and ran home fast.
He said, "Someone hit me, but I did not hit him back. I am going to get
De today."

Longlong would also clarify the truth to the grownups.  The other
day, an elderly neighbor praised Longlong and said, "I really should
thank Longlong."

Longlong's grandmother was puzzled and wondered what Longlong had
done.  It turned out that a few days ago when the neighbor was
picking the cotton bolls, Longlong went over and said, "May I help you
with that? Don't forget what I told you last time."

The neighbor thought about it and asked, "What did you tell me?"  

Longlong said seriously, "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance is
good!" Later, whenever she and her husband were about to fight, she
thought about what Longlong had said and stopped the argument.

Longlong's aunt is also a practitioner. When she was arrested by a
police officer, Longlong went with his grandmother to the police
station every day to ask for her release. In the police officer's room,
Longlong was jumping up and down on the couch and the officer could not
work. As a result, the officer avoided seeing them. When that police
officer was not there, Longlong would say excitedly, "The evil is dead!
The evil is dead!"

After his aunt returned home, Longlong was very happy and recited a
dozen of poems from Hong Ying for her.  One night, his aunt wanted
to take Longlong's older sister with her to distribute truth-clarifying
materials.  When Longlong discovered their plan, his aunt said,
"You are too small and it is dark and raining. You are not going
tonight."  Longlong was very excited and said, "I am so glad that
I did not go to bed yet. I am not afraid of the rain and I want to go
with you." Therefore, three of them went out. When they got back home,
they were all soaking wet.

Dafa has given Longlong a lot of intelligence. The first day of his
kindergarten, he greeted his teacher whom he had never seen,
"Greetings, teacher!"  Little Longlong not only listens well to
his teacher's instructions but also very friendly to other children. He
is indeed a lovely little boy.

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