Xing Cun

PureInsight | September 6, 2007

[] One day, I
was chatting with a Dafa practitioner and casually talked about the
issue of age. She mentioned that her face was once damaged by the
police with electric batons in prison and so it was slightly dark and
her look appeared to be somewhat older than her actual age.

Listening to her calm words without grievance and looking at her stable
expression, I was deeply shaken by her state. She had graduated from a
university of foreign language with good scores and her ability to
fluently speak a foreign language earned her a high-paying job.
However, just at that time, the evil party, under the manipulation of
Jiang, the head evil, started the bloody persecution against Dafa
practitioners. To safeguard the name of Dafa and Master, this
practitioner joined the appeal for Dafa and was eventually illegally
sentenced to prison for four years because of making truth clarifying
materials. During the four years of illegal imprisonment, she suffered
persecution from evil policemen and other evil beings and, to a girl
who just came out of college, nothing could be worse than being
disfigured by electric baton.

I thought about the current reality in society. Young women spend a
great amount of energy and money on beauty in order to make themselves
outstanding and pretty. They put a lot more heart into this than any
other things and will spend money on facial care, hairdressers and
bodybuilding. Their pursuit of beauty is shocking and it is as if they
love themselves so much. It's even shocking that some tragedy occurs
because of this. There are reports, once in awhile, about girls being
disfigured when chasing after beauty. Also, because of the crazy
pursuit of many women for beauty, numerous companies involved in facial
care, hairdressing and bodybuilding have flourished in China like
bamboo shoots after rain.

This practitioner, however, who was almost disfigured by the police's
electric batons in prison in order to uphold her own belief, gave up a
good job and almost sacrificed her priceless beauty. Even after going
through four years of imprisonment, she still said calmly: "My face was
once damaged by police with electric batons in prison." With no regret
and grievance in her words, her level shook me. Her mental state of
regarding death as returning home for her faith is not something a
non-cultivator can understand and imagine.

Writing here, I thought about the beautiful fellow practitioner, Gao
Rongrong, who was disfigured and eventually persecuted to death by the
evil CCP. I thought about those three thousand and seventy four good
fellow practitioners who were persecuted to death by various means and
the over forty thousand fellow practitioners whose organs were taken
while they were still alive, yet their families and relatives still are
not sure what happened to them. They all validated with their precious
lives the holiness and seriousness of one's belief – the innate right
of man. The noble realm they are in is what the evildoers, who became
the evil party's tools for persecution for personal gain, can't
understand no matter how hard they try. Also, there are numerous Dafa
practitioners who have been illegally sentenced, put in labor camps,
forcefully brainwashed, forced out of the workplace, school and home
for their beliefs. They are all validating the unbreakable Fa with
their own actions by every means in the world.

In this world filled with material desire and filthy things where
people would do anything for money and power, the emergence of the Dafa
cultivation group that is determined in its beliefs, is like a giant,
eye-catching and pure lotus flower in the filthy society. Its purity
and loftiness will surely become the song of praise passing down
forever in the future universe and the touching stories in the process
will surely become the praising theme forever in future mankind.

How great is the Dafa master who created the magnificent Fa and teaches
people towards good! How remarkable are the Dafa practitioners who put
down life and death for their beautiful belief!

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