Say "No" to the Chinese Communist Regime

By Zhang Yuliang

PureInsight | September 6, 2007

[] I do not
think that I have gotten so old that I need to rely on old memories to
live, but this image frequently pauses in my mind. Whenever there was
some news of scandals or evil acts exposed regarding the Chinese
Communist Party (CCP), I would subconsciously remember this image.

It was a young lady that we have never met before. She cried in front
of me and my friends: "Please tell me: What else could I do besides
that? Believe it or not, if I were to choose again, I would still make
the same choice."

Her husband just got back from getting an organ transplant in China. We
could tell that he was still very weak and had not fully recovered. He
admitted that he would need to rely on anti-rejection drugs for the
rest of his life in order to survive.

Since the time when "organ harvesting from living Falun Gong
practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party" was exposed to public,
many teams around the world have set out to investigate it. Because,
for the past six years in Taiwan, the number of cases where people go
to the Mainland to get organ transplantation has greatly increased,
collecting evidence to reveal the truth behind these cases has been
launched quickly but silently in Taiwan.

"If I were to choose again, I would still make the same choice." I was
deeply shocked by this sentence! Although her tears were so heartfelt
and her sincerity in saving her husband was so touching, it has lost
its root of a good nature, so  it was not worth anything.

If someone saves a life at the cost of taking another life, can this
kind of "saving" be called saving? Taking the risk of putting someone
unrelated to death, only for saving someone who is related to oneself:
is this way of looking at the foundation of life really good or bad?
The truth is actually not too hard to tell, otherwise that young woman
would not cry so painfully!

I felt like it was boiling in my stomach. My heart cried. Her words reminded me of the famous line by an editor of the Chicago Tribune: "God
has let the good people be good people. That is the highest reward for
them." If God is trying all he can to lead all humans in the world to
become better people, then who is leading a large group of people into
selfishness and evil? Besides Satan, who likes to lure people to jump
into the abyss of suffering in hell, isn’t the evil Chinese Communist
Regime doing evil deeds that are even far worse than demons would do!?

Back in those years, this evil regime made every Chinese person become
a killer that helped eliminate the class of landowners. But today it is
making the high officials of its Communist Regime and the interest
groups that it can benefit from to become the new generation of the
class of rich and powerful people. Besides that, did the lie of the
"Dictatorship of the Proletariat" ever come true in China? Back then,
the red guards used 10 years to carry out the "Cultural Revolution" and
made the new generation of Chinese people get involved in destroying
the cultural treasures of China and traditional Chinese morals. But,
besides completely trampling the motherland under violence, did the
Chinese people ever recover the Chinese culture?

Since the persecution of the Chinese people who practice Falun Gong has
begun, a brand new action has again been launched. This massive and
evil move is intended to attract all the Chinese people and lead them
into the abyss of suffering in hell. At first it used lots of money to
lure the public police and armed police into this tragic persecution.
Then it was the people who worked in jails and forced labor camps,
followed by the interest groups benefited from organ transplants from
living practitioners, from doctors, nurses, middle agencies, to
patients. The evil Chinese Communist Regime wants to turn all the
people in China, maybe even all people in the world, to be just like
itself – people who are walking corpses with no conscience.

Soon, its next step is to host the Olympics. It wants the torch, which
represents peacefulness and friendship, to be raised high on the land
where human rights are most trespassed. This is another test and lure
for the human nature. Between good and evil, it hopes all the
participating nations will go for the money, forget about justice, and
dance with it on the stage of evil and degeneration.

The true principles are eternal and the same everywhere in the world.
We cannot wait until we suffer brutal treatments ourselves and then
begin condemning evil. We cannot give up and sell our precious spirits
to Satan, just for the short-lived and small material benefits.

Be brave and say "no" to the evil Chinese Communist Regime! Whenever
there is one more brave warrior who quits the CCP, its rampant
arrogance will decrease a little. Whenever there is one more person who
realizes the CCP's evil nature, its fear of facing being eliminated
will increase a little. As the number of people who have quit CCP has
passed 25 million, as the Human Rights Torch is being passed among the
nations in the world, the death bell of the divine beings’ destroying
the CCP has already been tolled. Under the principle that good and evil
actions will receive just consequences, saying "no" to the evil Chinese
Communist Regime is our only right choice.

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