Unforgettable Happy Memory

A Dafa Practitioner in Northeast China

PureInsight | September 16, 2007


1. Recalling the days Master taught the Fa at Guangzhou

I began Dafa cultivation on September 20, 1994. After starting
cultivation, my greatest wish was to see Master in person. I was
fortunate to be able to attend Master's lectures held in Guangzhou on
December 21- 28, 1994. It was the fifth time Master gave lectures in
Guangzhou and the last time in China.

I was sitting upstairs on the right side of the lecture hall. Since my
seat was too far away from the podium, I couldn't see master too well.
When Master entered the lecture hall, every one stood up. Thunderous
applause lasted for a long time until Master signaled us to sit down.
The lecture hall then quieted down. Master was big and tall and the
lecture hall was permeated with happiness and auspiciousness. I
thought: "It is a pity I can't see our compassionate Master clearly. I
need to have a look at Master well no matter what."

When Master was to cleanse our bodies, he told everyone to think of our
own illnesses and those of our families. I thought to myself: "I
cultivate Dafa because I am going to retire in October of this year and
I have heard Dafa is Buddha school cultivation. I hadn't thought of
having illnesses cured or getting rid of illnesses for my family." I
just thought: "Master, I came from the Northeast and it was a long and
arduous journey. My greatest wish is to have a good look at you."

On the second day, a young man understood what I was thinking and told
me: "Auntie, you want to have a closer look at Master?" I said: "Yes!"
He then took me to the front row upstairs and asked a person whether he
could let me sit there for a little while to have a look at Master and
then he would have his seat back later.

When I just sat down, Master walked towards our direction. Everyone
quickly extended his or her hand to shake hands with Master. I also
quickly stretched out my hand and held Master's left hand tightly. That
moment was the happiest moment in my life. I was so happy that streams
of tears were running down my face. I couldn't utter a word. At the end
of the day, I was still so happy when we were walking back to our
dormitory. Even though I was beyond 60 years old, I could walk faster
than other young men. My whole body was like floating in the air. A
young man said to me humorously: "Auntie, slow down. You might damage
those cars running on the street if you bump into them."

We were living in the Guangzhou College of Traditional Chinese
Medicine. One afternoon, several practitioners were chatting on a
balcony. Suddenly someone shouted: "Look! Law Wheel!" We all looked up
and saw a big Law wheel as tall as a man located  20 to 30 meters
in front of us. It turned around from north to south and then from
south back to north for a long time. Half the sky was illuminated. Many
students from the college came out to look. I was so happy and excited.

Now I recollect those days attending the lectures Master taught for the
last time. Every day we did the exercises, shared our thoughts, and
studied the Fa together. We listened to Master teaching the Fa in the
evening. I was leading a very happy life.

It didn't rain during these eight days and I felt the days had gone by
so fast. We all loathed to part from each other when the class ended.
Someone asked Master when he would give another class again. Master
said: You can't attend the class any more. After the class, Master went
overseas to spread the Fa. The person in charge of the class said to
Master that we all wished Master would come home soon. I kept shedding
tears and didn't want to leave.

2. I was fortunate to see Master in Changchun again

After the Guangzhou class, I always wished to listen to Master lecture
again, even if only  in my dreams. When would I have the good
fortune to see Master again? I went to Changchun in July 1998. I had
the good fortune to hear Master's lecture out of the blue. Master was
giving lectures and answering questions for the assistant instructors
in Changchun City. My son and daughter also had the fortune to see
Master as well. Earlier, we were told there would be a meeting. We went
to a conference room in Xianggelila Hotel in Changchun. We sat around
podium, which was decorated with fresh flowers. We were whispering and
wondering who would come to this elegant conference hall? Could it be
Master? But none of us dared to think that way. Then there was
thunderous applause from the doorway behind us. "It is Master! Master
has come!" I turned around and saw Master walk towards the podium,
waving his hands. Tears kept running down my face.

Since starting Dafa cultivation, I always firmly believe in Dafa and
walk on the path of Dafa cultivation steadfastly. On my cultivation
path during the persecution, I have shouldered all the trials and
hardships. Otherwise I will not have the courage to see Master. I will
never let Master down for his blessings and protection. I will do well
on the three things and follow Master to the end. I will never break my

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