My High School Experience

A Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | September 16, 2007

[] I started
practicing Falun Dafa in 1995. I have not been very diligent. When I
shared with my practitioner mother today about my experience in high
school, she encouraged me to write my experience and share with other

On July 20, 1999, I just graduated from junior high school. It was
summer vacation then and I went with my mother and younger brother to
Beijing to appeal. When we arrived at Beijing, we were intercepted and
sent back home.

After the persecution started, I became silent due to the deep party
indoctrination. Even though, when mother went to Beijing many times and
was persecuted, I supported her all along, but I myself could not stand

When "Tiananmen Immolation" incident was broadcast, I could not afford
to be silent. I started clarifying the truth to my classmates. Because
I behaved according to the Fa principles, I was quite popular among my
classmates. One of my classmates, after listening to my truth
clarification, said, "You dare to practice Falun Dafa! I am going to
report you to the teacher." She walked away immediately.  Now I
regret that I did not stop her, and let her commit a crime against Dafa.


Soon, my teacher knew about it and so did the school. They talked to me
many times and even tried to persuade me to give up my belief. 
However, I would rather quit school than give up my practice.
Therefore, my mother and I together clarified the truth to them. We
told them about that the changes we had undergone, both physically and
mentally, after practicing Falun Dafa and the wonders of Dafa.

Because of Dafa, I took first place in seven mock examinations during
my senior year in high school. After that we had many more mock
examinations, everyone would ask, "Who is in second place?" Because
they all knew that I would have first place.

Many of my classmates asked me, "You don't really study hard. Either
the principal or the Party Secretary talks to you often. Sometimes,
they even interrupt you during the class. How do you find time to
study? How do you do it?"

I told them, "Dafa is magical and it can open up my wisdom."

Some of them said, "Falun Dafa is so wonderful and I want to learn
also." One of them did learn Falun Dafa, but for one reason or another,
he did not persist. I did not bear any grudge against the classmate who
reported me to the teacher and treated her the same way. Eventually,
she, too, learned the truth and apologized to me.

The evil doers originally wanted to use my academic condition to force
me to give up my belief. We continued to clarify the truth and my
principal gave his permission for me to take the college entrance
examination.  From the surface, it was because of my superior
grades and the principal wanted me to bring some honor to our high
school. In reality, it was all done by Master.

In that year, I was the only student who passed the college entrance
examination and my score was 50 points higher than the second place
from our school. What happened to me again validates how extraordinary
Dafa is and it is also a reward for making the right choice.

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