My Experience Attending Fa Conference in Poland

Ya Ke

PureInsight | September 26, 2007

[] On Thursday
night, we finally arrived in Warsaw after a more-than-ten-hour drive.
We participated in the parades on Friday and Saturday, word formation,
gathering in front of the Chinese Embassy, group study and sharing
etc.  All activities were very well arranged. When I thought about
the fact that there are fewer than ten practitioners in Poland and they
were able to organize several hundred practitioners from 29 different
countries, I admired them from the bottom of my heart. During the
weekdays, there were more than a dozen practitioners who spoke during
the European Fa Conference. No matter what age they are, young and old,
they all know how to cultivate themselves first whenever they encounter
any conflict and catch available opportunities to save sentient beings.
What they said was exactly what I needed to hear. Therefore, I listened
attentively to everything during those seven hours and was so afraid
that I might miss something.  

After the conference was over, we had to drive back. I found the
practitioner who was driving very tired. I thought, "I hope that
nothing will happen." Lo and behold, ten minutes later, our car almost
hit the car in front of us which was stopping for the red light. Our
driver immediately turned the steeling wheel and moved to the next lane
and drove more then 30 feet before we could stop. We were all very
startled. I, too, was astonished, due to my lack of righteous thoughts
that almost affected everyone's safety!

When we were about to drive over the border, a police officer asked a
practitioner, "Your visa expired yesterday. Why are you coming out

While the practitioner was explaining to the police officer, I thought,
"Why didn't you apply for a few more days, you have to pay the same
amount anyway. You are creating trouble for yourself." But this time, I
understood immediately and told myself that this notion was not mine
and sent righteous thoughts with other practitioners. I gave a flier to
the police officer and said, "We were attending the Falun Dafa
Conference in Warsaw and anti-persecution events against the Chinese
Communist Party, and we were very short of time." After he policeman
took over the flier and looked at it, his face relaxed and said, "Ok,
but you can not do it again. I am serious about this." After we passed
the border, other practitioners said that I did well.

I said, "I did not speak well because of my language barrier."

The other practitioner said, "The language is not important."

On the path of cultivation, diligently moving forward is the only thing
to do. After all, Master is watching over my every notion and every

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