The Choice to Follow Master's Arrangements

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | September 26, 2007

[] During one
experience sharing session, a practitioner said, "After 7.20, many
practitioners around me were arrested and persecuted. At that time, I
spoke to myself (an instinctive thought), "I will not encounter such
things!" From then on, this practitioner carried out many Dafa projects
and validated the Fa with righteous mind and action. Although there
were moments when danger came close (because of his insufficiencies),
he was actually never "persecuted." Instead, he mobilized disciples
around him, as well as newcomers, to step up and join the effort of
validating the Fa and saving sentient beings.

From the angle of Fa-rectification, all beings from the old cosmos face
two sets of arrangements and choices: One is the path set forth by
Master and the other is the one by the old forces.

After 7.20, Master arranged a path for Dafa disciples to save sentient
beings from all areas. It is a noble and bright way that leads to
consummation and a return home. He did not arrange any personal
tribulations or tests. However, what the old forces forced upon us is a
treacherous small road that is full of huge barriers, sufferings and
traps. For lack of a clear understanding of the Fa, some practitioners
fell for the old forces' arrangements. They trudged over the path and
encountered a lot of demonic interference. They struggled through the
pain and suffering, and yet "savored" their narrow "escape" from death,
unaware of the fact that all was because they had deviated from the
righteous path. It was Master who repeatedly helped them to "escape
from danger" by protecting them and suffering for them. He kept waiting
[for their enlightenment to the Fa principle].

As Dafa disciples, we should be absolute in our choices during
cultivation. We cannot grab Dafa principles in one hand and principles
from the old cosmos in the other. Personally, I feel Dafa practitioners
should be more sober over this issue.

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