Confucius Meets Laozhi

Yi Dou

PureInsight | October 8, 2007

[] Confucius finally paid his respects to Laozhi in Luoyang some 2500 years ago.

When he went back to the Kingdom of Lu, he told his disciples, "I know
that birds can fly, fish can   swim, and animals can run. I
can trap the ones that run, catch the fish with a net, and shoot the
birds with arrows. But dragons are sometimes on top of the clouds and
sometimes are in the sky, and I don't know what to do. And Laozhi is a

Yes, the birds, the beasts, and fish can be observed. We can learn
about them through study and they are part of human beings' knowledge.
But has anyone seen a dragon? How do dragons live? Who can write about
them and let us know? Confucius' few short sentences told the
difference between human beings and immortals. He was truly a great

After 2500 years, how many of us have tried to find out about the ways
to become an immortal? Some went to the mountains and some turned to
books, but none have found it. Wang Bo, a well-known poet from the Tang
Dynasty, sighed, "Passages and mountains are hard to pass, but who
would be saddened by the lost travelers?" Poet Li Bai said, "In the
past, the immortals were all lonely and only the drinkers were known to
the worldly people."

Falun Dafa tells the inquirers of Dao for the first time, "The Dao is
in your heart. Birds can fly but cannot leave the sky. Fish can swim
but not out of the water. Human beings cannot let go of fame, gains,
and sentimentality. From the bottom of your heart, if you can let go of
what you cannot, you are a dragon that can fly into the sky and dive
onto the earth. Just that simple!"

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