Five Keys in Life

Yi Ming

PureInsight | October 14, 2007

[] In May, 2001, this question appeared on the high school entrance exam for Madison High School in the State of Nevada:

Bill Gates has five keys to the drawers of his desk. They are labeled
"Wealth," "Interests," "Happiness," "Glory," and "Success." Bill
carries only one key and the other four keys are locked in the drawers.
Which key does Bill carry?

A Chinese student who had just emigrated from China did not know what
to do. After the test, he went to ask his advisor, an administrator in
the school. He was told, "It is a test for your intelligence. The
answer cannot be found in books. Everyone can answer according to his
own understanding and the teacher will grade it on the basis of your

This Chinese student got five points out of a nine-point question. He
did not write even a word and the teacher believed that he was honest
at least. What he could not understand was that the student who sat
next to him got only one point with his answer: Bill carries the key to
"Wealth" and the other four keys are locked in the drawer of "Wealth."

We don't know how many different answers were given in this test, but
we learned that one smart student got on the website of Madison High
School and posted the answer to an email he had sent to Bill Gates. The
answer from Bill Gates said, "The secret of your life is hidden in the
things that you are interested in."

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