The Realm of Kindness and Charity

PureInsight | October 10, 2007

[] Once there
was an elderly man. He was not only rich but very kind. He felt that he
had so much money and should help those who were poor. Therefore, he
helped people who were poor, sick, and in need due to disasters.

Those people whom he helped were very grateful. They respected and
admired him. He became very popular.  Not only did people in his
country admire him, but also people from the adjacent countries. Slowly
all these voices reached up to Heaven.

One immortal became jealous. He thought, "I was very kind and
charitable when I was down on the planet earth. My good deeds moved
Heaven and that was why they brought me up. However, if this elderly
man can outdo me, then perhaps this man will get more blessings than I."

The immortal found a way to discourage the elderly man from doing too
many good deeds. He turned into an ordinary person and came to the
elderly man. He said, "You gave away so much of your treasure. Aren't
you feeling a little sad? You work so hard. Why don't you leave your
wealth to your offspring? If you continue doing this, one day, all of
your money will be gone."

The elderly man smiled and said, "Things that exist between Heaven and
earth are for every body. If I kept what I have for my family only, it
would be a shame. It is best that I let everyone enjoy it."

The immortal said, "According to what I know, people who love to give will go to hell eventually."

The elderly was surprised to hear that and he thought only people who
did bad deeds went to hell. The immortal had a hard time convincing
this elder, so he created an illusion and said, "See! All these people
who are suffering in hell. They were all good people who loved to help
the poor. If you don't believe me, go and ask them yourself."

The elderly man walked over to a person and asked, "Why are you in hell?"

The man wanted to please the immortal and said, "Just like what he
said. I used to help others and I ended up going down to hell for that."

"What happened to those you helped?"

"They all ended up in Heaven"

The elderly man said joyfully, "Well, it is my wish that everyone have
happiness. Since I can help many people go to Heaven, I don't mind
being the one person going to hell. I am quite happy!"

The elderly man was so sincerely when he said that. After the immortal
heard that, he was very moved and ashamed.  The illusion of hell
disappeared immediately.

He resumed his immortal image and said, "What I told you came from my
jealous heart. I wanted to persuade you and made up those lies. In
reality, doing good deeds will be rewarded. You have cultivated to a
level that is clean, bright, and selfless: You can give up your own
pleasure and help others avoid suffering.

The path of cultivation is long and hard. Sometimes we receive
gratitude and respects but, other times, slander. We must confront all
that with a clean mind, wisdom, and perseverance. Otherwise we may lose
our steadfast heart and become discouraged.

Keeping a kind and sincere heart and not being contaminated by others
is very important. I hope that we all can maintain our god-given nature
and stay calm whether we are complimented or slandered and follow the
righteous Fa principles and that we will all succeed.

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