The Evil vs. the Righteous

Xiang. Zhi

PureInsight | October 22, 2007

[] In July
2007, a practitioner went to Lu Village to post a few Dafa slogans on
the street. The local residents all said that practitioners from Lu
Village did that.  The practitioners in Lu Village did not say
"Yes" or "No."

On August 6, a group of four people, two from the 610 Office, one from
the county government, and one from the village government, went right
into a practitioner's home in Lu Village.

The minute they went in, the practitioner thought, "Here comes a group of people who want to hear the truth."

610 Officer: "Did you put the slogans on the street a few days ago?"

The Dafa practitioner said, "Whether I did it or not is not important.
The important thing is why it was done. It is for saving people."

610 Officer: "Let's not talk about that. Tell us, did you do that?"

Dafa Practitioner: "No!"

610 Officer: "Good. I heard that you practiced Falun Gong before. Are you still doing it?"

Dafa Practitioner: "Yes."

610 Officer: "Do you still read that book?"

Dafa Practitioner: "You took my book away long time ago. How can I read that book?"

610 Officer: "How old are you?"

Dafa Practitioner,: "58."

610 Officer: "You were educated by the Communist Party since you were
little. Li Hongzhi has written only a few books. Why won't you listen
to the party but yet you do listen to Li Hongzhi?"

Dafa Practitioner: "I was just about to ask you this question. Why
don't you think about it? Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted
for eight years. Why do they still insist on practicing? That's because
Falun Dafa is good!"

610 Officer: "If it is so good, why does our government not permit you to practice?"

Dafa Practitioner: "Falun Gong has spread to more than 80 countries. Isn't that obvious who is right and who is wrong?"

610 Officer: "No matter how you look at it, you are a citizen of this
country and so you should listen to the central government."

Dafa Practitioner: "It is wrong to listen to the central government.
During the Cultural Revolution, the President of the Party, Liu, was
labeled as a betrayer and thief. I was a junior high student. I was in
a play about this event and was paraded all over the street. I regret
what I did whenever I think about it."

610 Officer: "You are quite stubborn and I am going to send you to the brainwashing center."

Dafa Practitioner: "What you say does not count. Only what my master says counts."

610 Officer: "Can you stop practicing?"

Dafa Practitioner, "No, I had sickness karma last spring and almost
died. I only made it because I enlightened to the Fa principles and
continued to practice. I have to practice."

610 Officer: "Since you have physical reasons, we'll let it go."

The Dafa practitioner started to send forth righteous thoughts. The 610 officers stayed for another 10 minutes and left.

From this battle between the evil and the righteous, two things are quite obvious:

1. As the Fa-rectification progresses forward, the evil cannot stay evil any more.

2. The 610 officers never mentioned that Falun Dafa was not good. They
only stressed that the central government would not permit anyone to
practice. That indicates that they also know the truth but they have to
follow orders from above. Falun Dafa is popular, but the persecution of
Falun Gong practitioners is not.

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