The Blossoming Udumbara and Pear Tree

PureInsight | October 14, 2007


Pear Tree Blooms in Autumn

It was reported by the Handan Evening newspaper on September 27 that,
while the fall should normally be a season of harvest, in the east of
Handan City, a pear tree has started blooming again. It bloomed twice
this year and everyone was marveling about that.

This tree is over 80 years old. It stood out in the orchard with
yellowish flowers all over and some were in the budding stage too. Many
tourists and local residents went to enjoy the blossoms. This is the
first time anyone can remember that the tree bloomed twice within a

According to the workers in the orchard, they said that this tree had
fruit for this year already, but three days ago, it began to bloom and
more and more flowers are opening up. However, the trees adjacent to
this one remain the same.

The Blooming Udumbara

According the Buddhist Scriptures, udumbara blooms only once every
three thousand years. When it blooms, it means that the King of Falun
Paradise is coming to spreading the Fa. At the present it blooms in
many areas, Handan, Wuan, and She County, of Hebei Province. Some bloom
on chairs, on pear trees, on fig leaves or pomegranate leaves. Others
bloom on concrete walls, window panes, electric wires, or even metal

This demonstrates that the King of Falun Paradise is spreading the Fa
in the human world and the prediction is coming true. Here we would
like to inform those skeptics and the evil doers to grasp this rare
opportunity to treat Dafa disciples kindly and thus choose a bright

All kinds of unusual phenomena are occurring, but none of them is
co-incidental. This is the mercy of gods and also a warning from the
gods that time is short and one should hurry up to learn the truth.
Otherwise, this opportunity may never come again!

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