Be Forgiving and Tolerant

Liao Yuan

PureInsight | October 28, 2007

[] We
cultivators cultivate "truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance." When
we see our fellow practitioners make mistakes or do something that we
cannot tolerate, we need to think about what Master said in Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference in Australia,
"Have a bigger and bigger heart, to the point where in your personal
cultivation you can forgive everyone, including forgiving your
enemies." "If you cannot love your enemies, you cannot reach
consummation." If you repeatedly recite these two sentences until you
can calm down, then you can talk to that person in a kind manner. By
then, you have become compassionate and your words will come out from
thinking of others first.

When someone else gives us suggestions that we are not quite convinced are correct, we need to think about Master's words in Teaching the Fa at the Conference in the Midwest-U.S. 1999, "Other people may do wrong, but we cannot," until we can look at ourselves calmly.


Something happened in our local area recently that makes me realizing
the importance of forgiveness and tolerance.  Practitioner A and
practitioner B had a love affair while producing Dafa materials. Both
of them recognized that they had made a mistake and regretted it.
Fortunately it was not too late. After they studied Master's lectures,
they decided to fully disclose their wrong doings. When practitioner B
did that, the local practitioners made a big deal out of it. Mostly,
they showered practitioner B with contempt, criticisms, and rejection.
They refused to take the Dafa materials from practitioners A and B and
claimed that these materials were impure and could not save sentient
beings. As a result, they lacked Dafa materials for a long time. What
materials they did have had still been produced by practitioners A and
B and had been passed around a few times among practitioners. Thus the
Fa-rectification was greatly affected.

In our city, whenever someone was arrested, many practitioners normally
brought out that practitioner's shortcomings instead of thinking of how
to rescue him. It is completely lacking in compassion and tolerance.
They fail not only to think that a fellow practitioner's business is
their business but also forget to look within.

In the path of cultivation, how many of us can say that we have not
made any mistake? If that is the way we treat others, how can we become
an invincible whole body and shoulder the great mission of saving
sentient beings?

Altogether, we should be forgiving and tolerant, let go of human
notions, look at matters from the Fa, and forget the mistakes of
others. When we let others have an opportunity to correct themselves,
we are also giving ourselves an opportunity. Let's negate the
arrangements of the old forces, do the three things well together,
fulfill our historical great mission, and not let Master down.

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