Insights from Life: Something and Nothing

PureInsight | October 28, 2007

Something and Nothing

principles of the universe are too profound to be understood. "Nothing"
is the foundation of the universe. The universe started with nothing
and then turned into something. "Something" was the beginning of
everything. Truth be told, when it gets down to the most microscopic
level, there is something.

In life, there are four stages: birth, old age, sickness and death.
There are also joy, sorrow, happiness, love, dislike, hatred and so
on--all kinds of emotions. There are five different tastes: sweet,
bitter, sour, spicy, and salty, but endless experiences from these
sensations.  We have too many attachments and human notions. These
too are also "somethings."

Human beings cultivate in the maze and from "something" to "nothing."
Cultivation is cultivating one's xinxing until all of the attachments
are gone and that is the level of returning to one's true self.


In our daily lives, we talk about "self" which is acquired after we are
born. This is the self that was born out of the ordinary human notions.
It is a small "self" who thinks selfishly of gains, and desires. The
true self is unselfish, being egoless, and has no attachments of any
sort. It radiates Buddha nature and, at the same time, is the purest
and the most microscopic true self.

Insights from Cultivation

There is knowledge about everything in this world. In learning, we need
to understand the principles, research more and learn thoroughly. While
learning, we must think at the same time. Scientists stress going from
doubt to thirst for knowledge, bold assumption, and careful
verification. Learning is a never-ending process. Therefore, one must
not learn things like a dragonfly touching the water, barely and
lightly, but with a determination to climb higher in order to have a
broader horizon.


In this universe, there is positive and negative, good and bad,
advantageous and disadvantageous, which reflect the principles of
mutual generation and mutual inhibition. How can the insignificant
human beings who have been confined within the boundary of their own
ignorance understand these profound principles?

The Buddha Fa is boundless and the principles of the universe are so
profound that no human languages can explain. Cultivators, of course,
cannot believe what they read in human languages as truth, nor should
they consider what they enlighten to as the highest truth.

Cultivators should not become attached to any losses, gains, or
results, but let go of all human notions and follow the Fa. As long as
we can calm down to study the Fa, continue to cleanse ourselves,
immerse ourselves in the Fa, and cultivate solidly, our xinxing will improve and we will transcend and slowly enter a higher level and get closer to the truth.

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