The Knowing Side

A Practitioner Outside of China

PureInsight | October 25, 2007

[]  Everyone has a knowing side and an unknowing side. Cultivators also have ordinary people's notions.

The unknowing side tends to favor people in powerful positions and
likes to admire people who are good looking, competent, rich, have good
educations, and so on.


The knowing side likes to be close to people who really care about us
and are good to us. This also explains why Buddhas were beggars in the
past when they offered salvation to people. Of course, it was really
difficult to save people, because the human side put them in a bad
position. And one has to be really nice to people in order to win them

On the contrary, when we want to save sentient beings, we can follow their attachments and add our compassion on top of that.

I find that, among our practitioners, the ones who can be approached
easily are also those who are very compassionate. On those occasions
when I felt that one practitioner was very compassionate and another
was not quite compassionate enough, I needed to pay more attention to
myself and cultivate better. If, one day, I can be very compassionate
toward others, I believe that is much better than asking someone else
to be more compassionate towards me.

When we clarify the truth to ordinary people, our eloquent speech can
only win their unknowing sides over. However, what really moves their
knowing sides are our hearts that truly care about them.

Master said, "Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring." Only compassion can save people.

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