Some Understanding of What the Righteous Thoughts Are

A Dafa Disciple from Taiwan

PureInsight | October 25, 2007

[] Righteous
thoughts are divine thoughts and righteous understandings. It is like
this from the standpoint of Fa principles. However, once they are
executed in daily life, the point seems to be confused and lost. For a
significantly long time period, I considered "no fear" as a reflection
of having strong righteous thoughts. Later on, I felt that that was not
right. Then, what, indeed, are "divine thoughts"? How would gods deal
with things? What is actually the "right" understanding?  

One day when I was studying Fa, I read an example that Master used in
his lecture: "In a comminuted fracture case, the patient did not align
the broken bones before it was encased in plaster." After I thought
about this example, I understood that they are righteous thoughts if
one can "consider oneself truly as a god and care about nothing" under
the persecution conditions ("Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005").

Today I watched the video, "Falun Dafa - Teaching the Fa to the
Australian practitioners." Master talked about having strong righteous
thoughts and being compassionate towards everyday people and fellow

I finally understood how to do things in daily life with righteous
thoughts. With regard to persecution, we do not think about it. We just
do the three things well persistently and only have Dafa and sentient
beings in our hearts without thinking of ourselves. When in the
presence of sentient beings, including fellow practitioners, we have to
be kind and understanding and full of compassion, tolerance and

Actually "think of others first and consider oneself last" and "no self
interest and no me" are righteous thoughts. Compassion towards others
is righteous thought.

I recalled that I have often felt that some practitioners did things
with too much compliance to the ways of everyday people. For example,
one could not stand in some places, one should not put the display
boards in certain locations and one could not distribute flyers or
materials and so on. I thought that these fellow practitioners did not
have sufficient righteous thoughts. I would insist on doing it as long
as we did not block the traffic. I did not care about the feelings of
the management staff. Sometimes I even argued with them. I considered
myself as having strong righteous thoughts even though I actually
lacked them.

Now I realize that only compassion and unselfishness can change others and change the surroundings.

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