Looked Inward and My Whole Body Lightened

PureInsight | November 1, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Some time
ago, I wrote an article about a fellow practitioner being kidnapped by
police and, because of his strong righteous thoughts, he was released
the same day. After I wrote the article, I told the story quite happily
to a relative of the practitioner, who is also a practitioner. When the
relative read the article, he was worried about the safety of the
practitioner, afraid that the police might kidnap him again. He told me
it was wrong that I had written the article and that the Dafa website
had published it.  

I felt wronged when I heard about it. I was depressed and spiritless
for several days, feeling that it was hard being a practitioner.

After watching the video of the lecture Master delivered to Australian'
practitioners a few days ago, I realized that there were conflicts
between practitioners and one needed to look inward. I looked inward
and found my attachment of fame. I was so afraid that others might not
know about the article I had written that I happily told others about
it. This is validating myself, not validating Dafa. It is bad to have
an attachment to fame. I need to get rid of it. I need to pay attention
to the safety of fellow practitioners when I write an article.

Through looking inward, it becomes clear in my mind. I feel my whole
body becoming lighter. Now I can work with this practitioner more

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