Sudden Realization: What Was Done Will not Turn Out in Vain


PureInsight | November 19, 2007

[] When we often
do things with a genuinely kind heart and great effort, but there
doesn't seem to be any reciprocation, we may sometimes think that what
we have done was wasted and feel frustrated and dejected. In fact, it
is not so.

The truth is: Everything we do with sincerity will play its role. It just doesn't show at the time or manifest in front of you.

Several years ago, a cultivator, despite her busy schedule, attended a
wedding ceremony that the couple's families ignored. She knew the
newlyweds were truly in love. It was because their families didn't
accept them according to the traditional concepts. She not only went to
the wedding, but also prepared a lavish gift to sincerely wish them
happiness. In her congratulations card, she wrote, "I wish you
happiness and hope you cherish each other and live together for an
entire lifetime. Please also remember: When the righteous Falun Dafa
needs you, please step forward to help them."

At the time, the couple only expressed their thanks, as they would treat an ordinary friend.

Several years later, to her pleasant surprise, the cultivator found the
couple stood up when Dafa called upon them. It seemed so natural.

It may be called "doing things without expecting any return." One
cannot ask for a result when one does something. The more one asks the
less likely it will be to appear. Only if you do things with care will
the result be there. It will show up sooner or later. To a cultivator,
knowing the result is not important. It is sufficient if we only do it
attentively. Asking for more is an attachment.

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